Thursday, January 8, 2015

Darling House-Shaped Bento Lunch Boxes

These are too darling! I am screaming! I can't even think of a legitimate excuse to buy one of these house-shaped bento boxes since I work at home and don't need to carry a lunch box. Maybe I can show up at a spring picnic with one of these though, hrm!

They make one in pink too! It's also sold on eBay.

The house-shaped bento boxes are microwavable (except for the roofs).

This bento box is shaped like a little cabin. I love that it shows smoke coming out of the top of a chimney!

Here's a similar red brick house with smoking chimney.

This white house bento box is sold on eBay.

This bento box depicts a sake shop in Japan.

This bento box is made to look like a Japanese green tea house.

There are several more house-shaped bento boxes offered on eBay.

Find multiple variations on these houses on Amazon. Each one comes with a cold pack.