Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Charming Vintage Davar Kitchen Maids

These vintage Davar kitchen maids kitchen accessories date from 1966.

The darling set includes a scouring pad holder, a napkin holder, and a salt & pepper set. I love their little housecleaner scarves!

If you just wanted the salt and pepper set, there's one over on eBay.

These would be so cute in a retro powder blue themed kitchen!

Retro Venetian Gondola Kitchen Accessories

I didn't know that having Venetian themed kitchen accessories was a thing, but apparently it is! Here are some of my favorites I've found during my browsing adventures today.

Here's a covered jar shaped like a gondola. It comes with a salt and pepper set too. This vintage Lusterware piece was made in Japan.

Here's another Lusterware gondola set, with a different floral pattern.

This blue-and-white gondola shaped candy bowl is from the 1950s and apparently was made in Belgium.

I see several very similar gondola salt and pepper shaker sets on Etsy. This must have been a popular design from Occupied Japan.

Now this vintage teapot isn't gondola-shaped, but I love the gondola and Venice design painted on it.

This contemporary gondola ice cube tray is just silly. I love it. It sure would take up a lot of horizontal room in your freezer though!

Here's a whimsical gondola-themed spoon rest for your kitchen counter next to your stove.

I've never needed to hold or caddy just one bottle of wine, but here's a gondolier and gondola shaped wine caddy that holds one bottle.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Villeroy & Boch's Gorgeous Art Nouveau Fashion Themed Dishes

I wanted to share with you these gorgeous Art Nouveau tabletop and serving pieces from Villeroy & Boch's "Design 1900" series. Most of them were produced in the 1980s to 1990s.

This plate features a woman in a tiered yellow gown.

This cake plate features a woman in a ruffled blue/gray dress and a whimsical hat.

This luncheon plate depicts a woman in an intricate scarf waving a censer of incense.

I am quite severely tempted by this unusual shaped (and useful sounding) Art Nouveau sandwich tray. Check out the cute little dog sitting next to the woman on the chaise! However, I suspect I wouldn't enjoy this tray as much once the design was completely obscured by sandwiches. Hrm.

These darling Design 1900 dessert plates come with their original box. I'd love to serve petits fours or macarons on them.

I love the elegant black and white design of the dress this woman is wearing on the bread and butter plate. This design also comes in the salad plate size.

To me, the coatdress on this Design 1900 luncheon plate looks more Regency era than Art Nouveau.

I find this beige walking dress rather boring. Is it just me?

A woman looks rather saucily at a parrot in the design on this luncheon plate.

The Design 1900 Art Nouveau dishes line includes salad plates, bread and butter plates, cake servers, the sandwich tray, dinner plates, and dessert plates. Each size of plate other than the cake server and sandwich tray comes in each fashion design shown above.

When Villeroy & Boch made their coffeepot, they introduced a new fashion design. Here's a woman in a black pleated skirt and teal jacket.

I am in love with this teapot! The woman holds a purple parasol over her flapper style hat.

This stunning bowl for sauce or fruit features a woman in a flowered skirt worn over a green longer dress. This is another case where I think it would be a shame to cover up the design with sauce or really any type of food.

I could almost squeak out a few tears right now because I want this Art Nouveau teacup and saucer so badly!

Do you also find it interesting that this tray is made from plastic and not porcelain? I suppose that is what makes it more affordable.

Speaking of affordable, this Design 1900 salt & pepper set is not. I can't pay $99 for salt and pepper shakers, even lovely ones like this.

Here's a rare Villeroy & Boch pickle dish. It shows a masquerade style masked woman in Pierrot or jester patterned skirt.

They made several different designs of mugs, including this woman with spyglass design.

This compote is the most expensive item of Design 1900 I've seen yet on eBay. Of course, it's the item I want the most!

I think we've had enough drooling for one day!