Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Retro Cars Baby Bedding from Sweet Potatoes

So many of my friends and relatives are having babies this year. Of course I would find cute vintage style baby bedding. I absolutely adore retro cars - I can't help myself but look when I see someone driving one on the road. This super cute line of Retro Cars baby bedding from Sweet Potatoes on Amazon is awesome!

This picture is a great representation of what your room could be like! If I had a little boy I would definitely buy this Sweet Potato Traffic Jam 3 piece crib set - it comes with a quilt, too.

My favorite thing about these Traffic Jam fitted sheets is that all the cars are different!

Got to have a matching Traffic Jam quilt for the sheet! Same style, but still very stylish and ready for your bundle of joy.

I suspect most of you keep your diapers in a drawer or stacked on a shelf of your changing table. However, some of you might like to try the diaper stacker that comes as part of the Retro Cars line.

Speaking of changing tables, here's the coordinating Retro cards changing pad cover.

You can really tie the room together with the matching Retro Cars valance for Baby's nursery window.

Check out all the Retro Car baby decor by Sweet Potatoes on Amazon.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Retroburgh's Gorgeous Antique Working Royal Typewriters

There's a shop on Etsy that has three stunning vintage Royal Quiet de Luxe typewriters for sale. They've all been serviced, well cared for, and are still working!

I find the gray Royal Quiet de Luxe a bit boring, but I suppose it's a nice masculine color for the bachelor writer.

I love the vintage shade of pink on this Royal Quiet de Luxe typewriter. It's not Breast Cancer Pink or Dusty Rose or Pepto Bismol Pink. Just soft and pretty!

Teal is my favorite color at the moment, so I'm racing to find a spot in my home for this vintage teal Royal typewriter before someone else snatches the listing away from me! Too bad my desk is already full of desktop computer, laptop and two printers!

How long has it been since you typed on a real manual typewriter? What kind of stories might you tell with one of these?

Adorable Retro Sewing Machine Themed Mini Clocks

This red retro sewing machine clock is from Allen Designs. I love the little pair of scissors that's used as a pendulum! \

Here's a desk clock or table clock shaped like a sewing machine. It's by Sanis Enterprises.

Here's a similar styled sewing machine desk clock by Artisan Collection. It's a bit more industrial looking.

This gorgeous two tone sewing machine clock might look nice in a Hollywood Regency styled contemporary home. It's so fancy! Note that it's a miniature, very small clock.

Note that this black sewing machine clock is meant to be displayed on your mantel.

These might make a nice small gift for that elderly relative in your life who still sews!

Retro Movie Stars Paper Doll Books by Marilyn Henry

I admit it, I have a fairly large paper doll collection. Cutting out and playing with paper dolls is one of those activities I feel is completely underrated. Oftentimes I find myself looking for new styles, and today I found this Retro Movie Stars Paper Doll Books on Amazon. Speaking of underrated, kids these days don't seem to understand how awesome old films are. The paper dolls are a great way to introduce old school movies to the little ones. Take a look at the actresses the author Marilyn Henry has portrayed.

Let's start off with the Loretta Young Paper Dolls. I love Loretta Young, especially in The Bishop's Wife. Sadly, apparently there are no costumes from that movie for your doll! Even so, there are costumes for Miss Young from the movies Along Came Jones and The Farmer's Daughter. These are all great movies of course.

I am very excited to show you guys this Ginger Rogers Paper Doll Book. I'm very glad that some of the costumes featured in Top Hat and Swing Time are provided in this awesome paper doll book. Not only that, but Marilyn Henry did a fabulous job with Ginger Rogers' facial features. I think it's very accurate!

The best art must be from the Esther Williams Paper Doll Book! This is exceptionally spot on. Of course, America's Mermaid needs to come with a full array of swimwear. The best swimwear does come from the 40's and 50's! The film that comes to mind when thinking about Esther Williams for me is Neptune's Daughter. Not my favorite, but still fairly entertaining.

I have a confession, I really enjoy the film Rebecca. These Joan Fontaine Paper Dolls show how delicate she looks. I remember watching Rebecca and just feeling sorry for Joan Fontaine the whole time. She's trying so hard to please her husband and everyone in the house. Since I wouldn't show any of my kids Rebecca right away, I suppose it gives me an excuse to buy these Joan Fontaine paper dolls for myself!

I don't think I've seen any movies starring Jane Powell, but I can recognize her cute face. I think that you need to have Jane Powell Paper Dolls to play with all the other retro movie ladies. She brings fun and an adorable face to the party!

These Gene Tierney Paper Dolls are lovely. The best part is that there are costumes from her film Laura. Gene Tierney is also one of the most gorgeous actresses from the 40's and 50's, in my opinion. I must get this paper doll book!

No, I won't forget about the famous Marilyn Monroe Paper Dolls. Not only is she a Hollywood legend, she is also in some fantastic films such as Some Like it Hot and the Seven Year Itch. These are some of my favorite classics. Get these and make a Marilyn Monroe movie date with some of her amazing films.

Check out Retro Movie Stars Paper Doll Books on Amazon. Let's show the new generation what good movies and actresses really look like! Tell me what you think down in the comments below.

10 Stunning Examples of Vintage Coro Jewelry on eBay

Coro is one of my favorite vintage companies. I mostly like them because they produced such a variety of jewelry. It's a little difficult to pinpoint their style because of how diverse their jewelry actually is. One of the most popular things they made was brooches, but I will be showing you more than that! These 10 vintage pieces of Coro jewelry on eBay are incredible. Check it out!

This Coro Fantasy Bird of Paradise Pin is stunning. This is definitely my favorite pin, because it looks like a peacock. The wispy feathers are fabulous.

I keep coming back to look at this Coro Emeralds Wide Cross Links Bracelet. The elongated rectagular "emerald cut" shapes of the gems are really cool. The shade of green goes well with the light gold tone that the other gems have.

Typically I am not a rose person, but I think this Coro Pave Rhinestone Enamel Rose Brooch is gorgeous. It looks like it has a lot of dimension. I think the worn crystal color is rather fitting.

When I saw this fabulous Vintage Coro Gold Tone Jewelry Set I was in awe! This would be such a great set to wear during the fall. Or perhaps in late summer with a colorful caftan? All the colors complement each other perfectly and are natural in tone.

Isn't this Vintage 1940's Coro Horse Head Pin and Earring set different? I don't think I've seen this style at all just wandering a store. If you know someone who really loves the Wild West or just horses this would be a great gift. The colors are very vibrant!

I'm fascinated with the shapes in this Coro Atomic pendant necklace. I can't personally stand to wear chokers though.

With summer coming up, this Coro Yellow and Rose Gold Scrolls and Topaz Four Element Link Bracelet would brighten up your daily garb! I prefer this shade of gold topaz over the more washed out color.

You guys are going to start thinking I'm a crazy tea lady. I couldn't help it though, it's so pretty! The Coro Gold Flower Teapot Pin and Earrings Set is so cute! I really love the floral design: It reminds me of Mexico. Of course these seem like they are calling out to me. It's fate that I found them, right?

Look at how stellar this 1940's Coro Bird Brooch Pin is! The colors are just magnificent and so cheerful. This is a great summer pin. It would shine so brightly outside, I'm tempted to make an offer!

To me, this Vintage 1939 Coro Lotus Blossom Necklace & Earrings Set doesn't look like a lotus flower, but I suppose we should never question artistic expression! Aside from that, I really enjoy how delicate and natural it looks. It is very elegant, but could match pretty much any outfit. Great for spring!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my top 10 Vintage Pieces of Coro Jewelry on Ebay! They were in no particular order, because I liked them all virtually equally. Take a look and see if there's something that suits your taste! Coro was very good about making jewelry for almost anyone. What do you think? Tell me about it!

Whimsical Retro-Inspired Teapots from Blue Sky Clayworks

You’ve heard it before, but I’m going to say it again, I LOVE tea! I have such a hard time not buying anything and everything related to tea. You can probably imagine my excitement when I saw these Retro-Inspired Teapots from Blue Sky Clayworks on Etsy. These are so cute and unique I had to show you guys. The store is fairly new too, so over time there should be lots of new products! Come take a look.

My favorite out of all the teapots is this Roller Skate Tea Pot. I think it’s probably because they took away my favorite skating rink not too long ago! Have you guys seen a teapot like this one? I don’t think I have. Plus it brings me back to the good times when I was a kid. I used to stay out really late at night roller skating around my neighborhood. Plus some of my greatest dates were at a roller rink! I can’t pick what color I want, because I love both of them.

This Crown Teapot is really cute. I do like teapots with a lot of texture. Again, I really enjoy both the blue and the pink so it would be a hard choice. Unfortunately, I’ve seen lots of teapots like this one, so it’s not my first pick.

I about died when I saw this Typewriter Teapot. This is one of a kind for sure. Writing, tea, and retro all combines makes one amazing product! This is just calling out my name. The only problem I have is that is seems like it would handle awkwardly. Though, I know if I was determined, I could overcome the shape. No one would ever expect this to be a teapot!

I am going let you all in a little secret, I absolutely love bulldogs. This Classic American Bulldog Teapot is very precious. The teapot might be the closest thing to having a bulldog because I travel too much to own a dog.

Check out these Retro-Inspired Teapots from Blue Sky Clayworks. Which style is your favorite? Keep in mind, this is a new store. New styles and designs are bound to come out in the future, so keep an eye out!

Retro Americana 3D Puzzles

It's amazing to think that America actually has some retro architecture. There are some places where history still lingers. Unlike Europe, it seems that America likes to knock things down and start all over. Hopefully we can learn to integrate the old with the new at some point.

These 3D Puzzles on Amazon are pretty amazing replicas of good ol' American buildings we see today.

This American Flavor - Fast Food Restaurant 3D Puzzle is my favorite. So many old movies and pictures are centered around old fashioned fast food restaurants. Don't you think it would be fun to play with paper dolls at this fast food restaurant? It's perfect!

I hate to say it, but this American Motel 3D Jigsaw Puzzle reminds me of horror films. I didn't realize how much of a negative stigma older style motels actually have! Stereotypes aside, from a puzzle standpoint this is actually quite amazing. The motel is full of fun little details such as the signs. It might be possible to use this as a doll house.

Speaking of detail, this Gas Station 3D Jigsaw Puzzle is absolutely stunning. I almost didn't even recognize it as a puzzle! Not only that, but it is definitely a replica of old American gas stations! I love how authentic the font and signs look. I've only seen a handful of older gas stations in person. Unfortunately they were never in working condition.

I think that we sometimes forget our colorful Western background! That is why I really can appreciate this American Flavor - Western Bar 3D Puzzle. The bar is very cool and full of fun details. I wish I could find a whole Western Puzzle Town. I'm sure my saloon girls would get up to a lot of mischief.

Which one is your favorite? Tell me about it down below in the comments.

My 5 Current Favorite Mid-Century Chip and Dip Bowls on Etsy

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, my mind is on chips, guacamole, and salsa lately! I'm enjoying browsing Etsy for mid-century modern chip and dip sets to peruse.

Turquoise is my favorite color, so I'm barely able to restrain myself from buying this lovely turquoise Atomic chip and dip bowl set!

I absolutely adore the harlequin diamonds on this chip and dip set.

Blendo made the most gorgeous cocktail and appetizer serving pieces during the 1950s! I love how the little dip bowl clips onto the top of the bigger one. It's amazing how many of these survived - it seems like it would be easy to break either the dip bowl or the hanger.

A lot of my relatives had Anchor Hocking pieces in their homes. Here's an avocado green chip and dip set. I love the curvy shapes!

This apple chip and dip set is something my mother would have loved. I feel like it's more late 60s early 70s than the other pieces.

After looking at all these, I'm now craving French onion dip too! How about you?