Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Retro Venetian Gondola Kitchen Accessories

I didn't know that having Venetian themed kitchen accessories was a thing, but apparently it is! Here are some of my favorites I've found during my browsing adventures today.

Here's a covered jar shaped like a gondola. It comes with a salt and pepper set too. This vintage Lusterware piece was made in Japan.

Here's another Lusterware gondola set, with a different floral pattern.

This blue-and-white gondola shaped candy bowl is from the 1950s and apparently was made in Belgium.

I see several very similar gondola salt and pepper shaker sets on Etsy. This must have been a popular design from Occupied Japan.

Now this vintage teapot isn't gondola-shaped, but I love the gondola and Venice design painted on it.

This contemporary gondola ice cube tray is just silly. I love it. It sure would take up a lot of horizontal room in your freezer though!

Here's a whimsical gondola-themed spoon rest for your kitchen counter next to your stove.

I've never needed to hold or caddy just one bottle of wine, but here's a gondolier and gondola shaped wine caddy that holds one bottle.