Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Darling and Slightly Odd Vintage Pixieware Condiment Jars

For some unknown (to me) reason, during the 1950s several tableware companies became obsessed with pixies! Companies like Davar, Howard Holt, and Lefton created all sorts of cute and impish little figures to adorn their kitchen goods and tabletop serving items. Here's a look at some of my current favorites:

This Davar ketchup condiment jar is the one that would get used the most in my house!

Here's the Pixieware mustard condiment jar featuring red hair.

And this Davar mustard jar features a pixie with green hair. Or is it a stem? A topknot?

You couldn't set up a proper mid-century bar without olives!

This cherry jar pixie looks downright cranky!

This Davar jam 'n jelly jar is so adorable!

The pixie holding the cocktail onions looks like he's about to cry. Maybe the onions are stinging his little eyes?

This weird figural onion family set makes me laugh. The set contains an oil and vinegar, salt and pepper anthropomorphic onion figures. It's from the 1950s just like the pixieware.

Here's the Howard Holt Company's version of the pixie olive condiment jar.

Here's another piece by Holt Howard: a pixie boy hors d'oeuvres dish.

They also made a girl pixie hors d'oeuvres plate.

Here's an adorable pixie cookie jar from Howard Holt!

These vintage Holt Howard pixie cruets were meant to hold oil and vinegar.

Ok so technically this marmalade jar from Lefton doesn't depict a pixie. But the little citrus face is so cute!

This poor little Lefton figural relish jar is crying!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour!

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