Sunday, April 24, 2016

10 Stunning Examples of Vintage Coro Jewelry on eBay

Coro is one of my favorite vintage companies. I mostly like them because they produced such a variety of jewelry. It's a little difficult to pinpoint their style because of how diverse their jewelry actually is. One of the most popular things they made was brooches, but I will be showing you more than that! These 10 vintage pieces of Coro jewelry on eBay are incredible. Check it out!

This Coro Fantasy Bird of Paradise Pin is stunning. This is definitely my favorite pin, because it looks like a peacock. The wispy feathers are fabulous.

I keep coming back to look at this Coro Emeralds Wide Cross Links Bracelet. The elongated rectagular "emerald cut" shapes of the gems are really cool. The shade of green goes well with the light gold tone that the other gems have.

Typically I am not a rose person, but I think this Coro Pave Rhinestone Enamel Rose Brooch is gorgeous. It looks like it has a lot of dimension. I think the worn crystal color is rather fitting.

When I saw this fabulous Vintage Coro Gold Tone Jewelry Set I was in awe! This would be such a great set to wear during the fall. Or perhaps in late summer with a colorful caftan? All the colors complement each other perfectly and are natural in tone.

Isn't this Vintage 1940's Coro Horse Head Pin and Earring set different? I don't think I've seen this style at all just wandering a store. If you know someone who really loves the Wild West or just horses this would be a great gift. The colors are very vibrant!

I'm fascinated with the shapes in this Coro Atomic pendant necklace. I can't personally stand to wear chokers though.

With summer coming up, this Coro Yellow and Rose Gold Scrolls and Topaz Four Element Link Bracelet would brighten up your daily garb! I prefer this shade of gold topaz over the more washed out color.

You guys are going to start thinking I'm a crazy tea lady. I couldn't help it though, it's so pretty! The Coro Gold Flower Teapot Pin and Earrings Set is so cute! I really love the floral design: It reminds me of Mexico. Of course these seem like they are calling out to me. It's fate that I found them, right?

Look at how stellar this 1940's Coro Bird Brooch Pin is! The colors are just magnificent and so cheerful. This is a great summer pin. It would shine so brightly outside, I'm tempted to make an offer!

To me, this Vintage 1939 Coro Lotus Blossom Necklace & Earrings Set doesn't look like a lotus flower, but I suppose we should never question artistic expression! Aside from that, I really enjoy how delicate and natural it looks. It is very elegant, but could match pretty much any outfit. Great for spring!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my top 10 Vintage Pieces of Coro Jewelry on Ebay! They were in no particular order, because I liked them all virtually equally. Take a look and see if there's something that suits your taste! Coro was very good about making jewelry for almost anyone. What do you think? Tell me about it!