Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fabulous Antique Pink Typewriters on eBay

I've always had a thing for pink typewriters. They have so much style and are so much fun! Typewriters in general are really enjoyable to type on. I've never been so satisfied pressing the "." key in my life. Even so, I am very glad we have computers - otherwise, my typos would drive me nuts!

These vintage pink typewriters on eBay would be great for any collector or for an avid writer who loves to write old school style.

Wow, this Bubblegum Pink Typewriter is in amazing shape. This is a repainted mid 1950's typewriter. It's in working condition! It would be so fun to bring this in to work or just have it at home. The color is definitely my favorite part.

I love how small and compact this Vintage Pink German Typewriter seems. I can see how it would be handy to have one of these if you were a writer back in the day. It would be so convenient to take with you to wherever you needed to go.

Unlike the first typewriter I showed, this Rare Hot Pink Typewriter is not repainted. Isn't this in amazing condition? This is my number one pick out of all the typewriters. Plus, who could resist the brightness of this hot pink color?

This Vintage Bubblegum Pink Royal Typewriter the same brand as the former. If you're more into a muted look, this would be a great choice for you. The best part about this typewriter is that the bell still dings at the very end! That chime is one of the greatest sounds.

This Vintage Voss Pink Portable Typewriter is very cute and petite. Also, the pink on this one looks pearly. I also really love the carrying case that comes with the typewriter. If this were being designed nowdays, it might be called "color blocked."

Take a look at the other vintage pink typewriters on eBay and find one that suits your taste. This is a great gift for collectors, writers, or decorators. Which typewriter is your favorite and why? Tell me about it!