Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vintage Scandinavian Design Teapots by Kaj Franck

Since I'm famous for being a tea-obsessed lady, I have an itch to find some vintage teapots. Kaj Franck is well known for his ceramic work. Lots of the items are typically very simple, but he also did a few Arabic designs.

These are some of my favorite teapots. They are just gorgeous!

Typically, I do not like roses, but I can picture using this Floral Enamel Kettle Teapot. It's great for this time of year and is incredibly elegant. The artistic style of the flowers is just glorious.

To me, this mid century yellow floral teapot just screams summertime! The fresh and bright green leafy designs really liven up this ceramic teapot. I prefer this shade of yellow over a true yellow. It just brings a bit of happiness to it!

This Kaj Franck kettle has the best of both worlds. The art of the rose is very pretty and I love teal! The design that envelops the bottom of the teapot is really cool! You can just tell it is from Finland. This is clearly similar to a Finnish textile design.

If you're an earthy person, this Arabia brown enamel kettle is a great option for you! I really like the spiral designs it has similarities to a henna tattoo. The quality of this vintage teapot looks almost brand new. That shine is unbelievable!

This Kaj Franck red teapot looks like a stunning blanket was imprinted on it. This design is so fun and definitely shows where it comes from culturally. This kettle is also in fabulous condition. I'm almost afraid of ruining it.

Take a look at other amazing Kaj Franck teapots on Etsy. These designs are unique. Check them out and let me know what you think of these vintage teapots!