Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Vintage Pink Sunbeam Appliances for Kitchen and Bathroom

As much as I love vintage inspired items, I really adore finding things that are really from a while ago! I was thrilled to see that there are some retro pink Sunbeam appliances on Etsy. In fact, I remember learning to do a lot of my chores with these exact appliances! Apparently my mom's love for pink rubbed off on me. I am so tempted to get at least one of these Sunbeam kitchen items!

When I was little, I dreaded touching this retro Sunbeam iron. I just remember feeling like I had better things to do than to iron and I hated it! Now that I am older I can truly appreciate the chore. There really isn't anything like jumping into a bed of freshly ironed sheets. My mom had an iron that was exactly like this one, so it brings back a lot of memories.

I can't help that I really want this pink Sunbeam Mixmaster. I already have too many mixers at home, but this one is so classic! I believe my grandmother had something similar, but not in the pink color. This mixer has twelve settings! I know my other ones don't have that many, but it might be worth it for all the baking I am going to be doing in the fall.

Or I could always buy this vintage handmixer by Sunbeam. When I had my old Sunbeam mixer from my parents while I was in college it lasted forever. In fact, I've never been able to find such a long lasting appliance in all of my adult years. Why don't they make these things to last anymore like they used to? This is why I think I may have to get this one. It's so convenient and I know for a fact that it will last!

I am impressed by how new this pink Sunbeam lady shaver is. It looks like it really has never been used, which is a plus for buying a shaver! Even if you weren't going to actually use this, it's quite a classic. I wouldn't mind using this as some form of bathroom decor to give my home a more retro feel. It's a stunning piece and I know it will take many people back to the good old days!

I feel a bit ashamed that I laughed at this Vintage Sunbeam hair / nail dryer. I remember my grandmother using something like this either at home or at a friend's, I can't exactly recall. I just used to giggle at her as a little girl, because it looked like she had a bag over her hair! I was always astounded at how well it worked! I don't know if I could bring myself to buy this - my grandma would probably get back at me from all the times I made fun of her.

Aren't these pink Sunbeam appliances on Etsy such a blast from the past? Do you remember having these at your home or even using them? Tell me about it in the comments below! I was so excited to find them, because it's just another excuse to buy something I want. I think I would do my mother proud right about now!