Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Darling and Useful Retro-Themed Wax Fragrance Warmers

I couldn't even tell these were fragrance warmers originally. They look like cute little figurines that you can scatter throughout your home. Since the holidays are coming up, I always try to find clever ways of decorating the house. These are not only adorable, but they serve a wonderful purpose of making your home smell however you would like. Come take a look at Scentsational's Retro collection fragrance warmers on Amazon. They're fun and a great set to have for all lovers of the "good ol' days."

It's becoming harder and harder to find gas stations that still look like this vintage gas pump nowadays. This piece instantly brings me back to riding in my car with family for Sunday joy rides. I also thought it was entertaining that this gas station could be "burning off" fumes such as "Holiday Forest", "Home Sweet Home", or "Island Orchid."

Speaking of joy rides, this vintage Ford woody vehicle definitely reminds me of California back in the day. I remember my parents talking about how they always wanted to get one of those for summer fun. This is an awesome fragrance warmer for when it does start to get nice and hot in the year. The figure almost looks like a combination of an old Slug Bug and the Woody!

I'm so happy about this retro diner fragrance warmer! Diners are an American classic. Even though we still have diners around, they aren't the same as they used to be. Even the food isn't as fantastic as diners were 40 years ago! Don't you agree?

I've swooned over my love of vintage radios before. It reminds me of simpler times with my family. Not only will I have comforting memories, but I'm excited to get some holiday oils to accompany this fragrance warmer.

Make sure to get some groovy scents while using this jukebox fragrance warmer. Don't you wish that we used jukeboxes more often in bars and restaurants? Now you can remember those times by putting one of these fragrance warmers in the room. Instead of amazing music, it'll be amazing scents coming from it!

The last item in the retro collection is the vintage camper fragrance warmer. I only went camping in one of these a few times with friends. The times that I did go were really fun - nothing like camping in the current day!

All of these retro fragrance warmers by Scentsationals bring back memories. You can place them throughout the house to make your home smell however you wish. Make sure to comment below and let me know what you think!