Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Design Toscano's Reproduction Retro Telephones

I was so thrilled to see these reproduction antique phones by Design Toscano. I remember going to my grandmother's house, where a few phones similar to these were on hand. I always thought they were really cool. All of these phones are painted with a beautiful bronze finish to give them a more vintage look. Here, check them out:

This is a really awesome Eiffel Tower Telephone. It might look older because of the rotary dialing and the overall look, but it actually has all the modern connections necessary for hooking it up to your house and using it.

The Roman Column Candlestick Telephone is a reproduction of a telephone from 1987. I always found these style of phones to be really fun to use. This may be a reproduction, but authentic phones with this style are still desired by collectors around the world.

I'm in love with the beautiful detail of this Swedish Royal Family Replica Telephone! The bronze embellishments are what make this phone perfect. It also has modern connections so you could use this as your home phone.

A simple design, but still a great reproduction: The Royal Victoria 1938 Telephone. It has a touch dial system and a sleek black and bronze design. I think it would fit well as a decoration or even used in any contemporary home.

This is such a funky phone. I mean that in a good way! Check out this Victorian Magneto 1923 Reproduction Telephone. The phone uses a hand-cranked generator that produces electricity to drive the ringers on the operator's console. I love what looks like faux gold plates and skirt decorating the phone.

I saved the most elegant for last. The Versailles Telephone in Polished Brass is also a touch dialing phone and is wired for modern day use! I really like the beautiful design on the brass. This phone looks really heavy!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Take a peek at all of Design Toscano's work! What do you think of these reproductions?