Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chic and Useful Vintage Retro Blendo Martini Barware

What happened to the time of the Beatles, beatniks and bohemians? It was such a rad time! I think it would be possible to recreate the mid-century (1950's-1960's) scene with Vintage Blendo Glassware!

This is a legitimate mid-century Vintage Blendo Glassware Turquoise Blue Martini Pitcher. I really wish I had this for my upcoming winter party! The glasses are white "frosted" with gold rims.

Maybe these Blendo Glass Champagne Flutes might be a better fit for your home. The colors that are available make me reminisce about my parents' vintage glassware. This would be super fun for a retro party or for a bar owner that might want to have a retro night.

This mid-century set is quite elegant. The Vintage Blendo Cocktail Pitcher and Six Matching Roly Poly Glasses almost looks gold in the pictures, but they are an olive green. I think this would be great for future parties!

I'm in love with this Vintage Blendo Fiery Pink Pitcher, Glasses, and Garnish Bowl Set. It exudes so much energy! I can imagine my parents pouring lemonade from a pitcher exactly like this. I really don't feel like millennials have the same appreciation for beautiful glassware like people did in the mid-century.

Easter is just around the corner, and these Vintage Blendo Frosted Margarita Glasses would be awesome for the adults! They come in very pastel colors. Maybe a collector of mid-century goods would find these enhance their collection.

This Orange Vintage Frosted Blendo Martini Tall Pitcher is lovely. This would be a great bowl for punch. Too bad Mad Men is over, because this would be a fun piece to have at a Mad Men party.

Finally, another stunning set, the Large Retro Blendo Frosted Mint Green Pitcher and Margarita Glasses. A margarita out of this baby would just be amazing!

I can see why mid-century Blendo Glassware is so coveted. Look at other colors and sets of Vintage Blendo Glassware on Etsy! Tell me what you think down below in the comments!