Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mimm Studio's Retro Coasters

I know there can never be enough coasters in my house. They always seem to go missing! When I ran into these vintage designed coasters by Mimm Studio on Etsy I needed to share. There is something for every one, so take a look!

Wouldn't these Vintage Tea Cup Coasters be really cute for springtime? It reminds me of my first cup of tea on a nice sunny spring morning looking out at my yard. It's really one of my favorite times of the year!

I almost want to combine the former with these Vintage Flower Coasters. I tend to throw lots of parties and I think a cute Victorian tea party would be so fun! Having these coasters would enhance the experience with the beautiful flower illustrations.

I think these Vintage Sports Coasters are actually quite cool. We often forget where baseball and American football started. These coasters are a blast from the past! I'm not a huge sports fan, but I can appreciate the history behind it all. Plus these would be a great gift for huge sports fans!

Who doesn't love Art Deco? Here's a set of four Art Deco coasters. I love the cute short hairstyles on the ladies.

Clearly these Vintage French Wine Coasters are a must have. These retro wine labels are so cool and would be great for my small dinner parties. I would also just use these everyday at home! I can't have enough wine in my house!

These Vintage French Hair Salon Coasters are really cool. It's so amazing to see what tools they used for styling hair about a century ago. This would be a great gift for any hair stylist or someone who is really into hair trends.

This set is one of my favorites, the Retro Hollywood Coasters. They have prints of Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, Jane Russell, and I believe Gene Tierney. All are great and memorable actresses from the early to mid 20th century!

There are plenty of other retro coasters from Mimm Studio on Etsy. I just wanted to show you my favorites! What do you think? Tell me about it down below in the comments section.