Thursday, May 19, 2016

Darling and Useful Retro Kitchen Timers

It's a clock day today! I only say this because I am anxiously awaiting vacation in a week! I was thinking about all the baking that I am going to have to do for some guests I'm having over. Then I realized, I need a timer. Unless you bake all the time, I just don't think about timers, because we have one on our oven! If you're baking 3-4 things at once, then things are a little different. This is why I was excited when I saw these retro kitchen timers on Amazon. There are so many shapes, sizes, and functions! They are awesome!

I think this Fox Run retro magnetic kitchen timer is the only one that comes in green. So if you're a green person, I would jump on this one immediately! I love how small and convenient this is! In fact, maybe getting multiple colors would help with the baking process. I could have certain colors associated with different breads I'm baking. Since it is magnetic, I shouldn't lose it. I could just put it on my fridge.

Instead of it being portable, I think that this Suzie Q vintage minute timer would be a great option too. Since it's flat on the bottom you could just have it sitting about the stove for your convenience. This one also comes in a variety of colors! I am also in love with the Suzie Q brand! If you love vintage kitchenware like I do, I very much recommend taking a look!

If you're looking for sturdy, then I would go with this vintage Streamline kitchen timer. The design is very bulky, perhaps too much for what I am looking for. If you're an avid chef or baker, this would definitely be handy. I just don't bake enough to justify getting something so bold!

I think this retro kitchen timer wall clock is perfect! I love having a clock with a timer all in one. It also comes in my favorite color, teal! In fact, this matches my kitchen decor so flawlessly I think I found what I was looking for!

I was so excited about the previous clock that I forgot about this retro kitchen clock with temperature and timer. If only this came in teal or some other color besides yellow, I would be all over this one.

This should make my vacation baking session incredibly easy. What do you think about these retro kitchen timers on Amazon? Would you use one? What is your favorite out of the five listed? Comment down below!