Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lovely Retro Style Dresses by Anni Coco

I'm so excited to shop for new dresses for summertime! When I saw these fabulous retro style dresses from Anni Coco, I about died! These are so great for this time of year and they come in so many colors. Ladies, you need to check them out.

I have always wanted to wear one of these vintage swing tea dresses to a party. First, it reminds me of something Marilyn Monroe wore. Next, it just looks like to much fun. I used to go swing dancing quite a bit when I was younger and I would have loved to wear this! There are many color options.

I can actually remember pictures of my grandma wearing cute retro party dresses like this. The navy blue with white trim reminds me of a ladies nautical dress. This is the most modest dress vintage style that Anni Coco has. Aren't the heart buttons on the front just precious?

Are you going to any summer weddings this year? I know I have a ton I need to attend! These lace vintage party dresses are classy and fun! You never want to outdo the bride or her bridesmaids. This is also a great option for those who want a more conservative look!

This vintage tea bow-knot dress style is great for everyday events. It's not too showy, but still fun. I can already see myself walking into the office wearing this. Plus, I can imagine it being very comfortable!

I am thrilled to see this vintage style dovetail dress. Not only can I display my retro pride, but I can feel sexy too! I've heard lots of people saying that expressing yourself as a woman was difficult in the good old days. This clearly proves that theory wrong!

I love vintage dresses! Not only are they great for everyday things like work or even going out for a walk, but are fantastic for parties too! There's a style for everyone from flashy to conservative. Take a look at these retro style dresses from Anni Coco. Which style is your favorite?