Thursday, May 12, 2016

Retro Sputnik Chandeliers from Dutton Brown in Minnesota

I am so excited to show you guys these Sputnik Chandeliers from Dutton Brown on Etsy. When I was a kid I remember seeing these and hoping my parents would get one someday. Of course they never did, so now I've been waiting for the right moment to get myself one. Mostly I was looking for the right design or color, because Sputniks can come in all shapes and sizes! These guys have three fabulous different styles.

This orange mini sputnik chandelier is so cute. I love the compact design. It is perfect for most people this day and age. Many of my relatives who love retro home decor live in small condos or apartments. This lighting system is the perfect size. I imagine this would give off light for many rooms at a time.

Take a look at the other colors they have - So many!

This amazing yellow Sputnik chandelier is a fantastic size for a living room. The arms are a lot longer than the minis, so I would make sure it's in a place where there's a lot of height. I have a really tall ceiling in my living room and it just doesn't get enough light. I think with this chandelier it would be bright enough.

Here are a few of their color options for the medium sized Sputnik chandeliers.

When I think of Sputnik, this is typically the design and shape that comes to mind. The large mint Sputnik Chandelier is great for over the dinner table. Since it is "flatter" it's less likely someone will hit their head. I'm pretty tall, so I always have to keep that in mind. What a great way to spunk up your dining room. Both adults and kids would totally fall in love with it.

If you're not seeing a color you would like here, I would check it out their store for other options. If you have colorful walls and need glamorous and fun decor this is the place to go!

These things live in the future and past, I really enjoy that aspect! Check out Sputnik Chandeliers from Dutton Brown on Etsy. There's more designs here than just Sputnik, but of course, that's what I like most. What about you? Tell me about it in the comments down below!