Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stunning Purple Tableware from Flora Gouda Holland

I am determined to keep Spring alive! I love the style of this Dutch Flora Gouda Holland - Lila series on Etsy. The color is so spring, but the design of the floral pattern is very retro. Take a look!

Can you see why I really enjoy the style of the floral pattern? The colors are very delicately painted, but compliment each other well. A purple ceramic bowl like this would be great for storing jewelry. I can also see myself using this for hot soups at parties.

I love baking and would love to display a cake using this footed bowl pedestal dish. It would be really fun to display a whole bunch of candy in as well. I actually wish the floral pattern was printed on the outside instead of the inside of the bowl. It's still stunning nonetheless.

I have never used a glazed ceramic tray like this before. I'm so glad the design is on the outside on this one! The shape is really interesting. It would be a cool way to store maybe your fruit for an outdoor get-together. I personally would use this for my jewelry, it's so funky!

Check out Dutch Flora Gouda Holland - Lila series on Etsy. This will surely add that spring feeling that you've been looking for!