Friday, May 13, 2016

Brand New Melamine "Atomic" Retro-Style Dinnerware

With all the warm weather we have been having, I have been doing everything outside. Not only that, but I just bought an amazing outdoor furniture set that I need to use. I don't want to bring all my glass or ceramic dinnerware outside, so I suppose I need to buy some melamine! These super cute vintage style "atomic" melamine dinnerware on Amazon are a perfect match.

The starburst pattern is one of my favorites. These 50's style salad plates are a blast from the past.

If I just got this oval serving bowl I would be a happy camper. By itself, it would add that vintage flair that I need to my outdoor dining set! For smaller dinner parties this would be helpful to have.

In order to match the salad plates I will need to get these dinner plates! Not only do they have the funky retro design, but they are oval shaped. I actually like how large it is! Whenever I have a barbecue I always end up spilling my corn on the cob because the plate is too small. This is the perfect size to be spill proof.

I like the style so much that it doesn't necessarily need to be melamine. Having a little tea party using these starburst cup and saucers would definitely be a hit! Also, I would love to just drink my tea out of this cute cup.

I want to have these atomic drinking glasses for everyday use! These are more colorful and fun than the glasses I have currently.

The last melamine plates I found are these diner boomerang plates. I'm dying because they don't match my outdoor decor, but I want them! They're so stylish and really bring me back to the good ol' days. Maybe one of you can provide a better home for these?

Check out more "atomic" melamine dinnerware on Amazon. Do you like the style? Tell me in the comments below!