Friday, June 17, 2016

7 Stunning Fancy and Glamorous Vintage Syroco Clocks

I can appreciate modern home decor, but I'm still a sucker for vintage clocks. In my opinion, there is nothing more elegant than having an antique wood clock. The best are those that are carved or sculpted into beautiful shapes. Is that a lost art nowadays?

Syroco was a company famous for their wood-pulp products. Even though their molds only looked like carvings, they did a brilliant job with the resemblance. Here are my 7 favorite vintage Syroco clocks on Ebay.

This vintage 1960's starburst wall clock reminds me of the atomic age! It looks absolutely like pristine wood, but it's actually plastic. The lettering on the face of the clock is really cool and funky. It's probably my favorite feature.

I cannot believe the detail that went into this retro Jeweled Wind clock. I can see this being used in a beautiful Victorian mansion. The design is just amazing. This clock would be a showstopper in anyone's home.

This midcentury starburst clock is my favorite. I love the darker features on the face and the light lettering. I also enjoy how the rays overlap each other.

When I saw this atomic Mid Century starbust sun clock all I could say is "Wow!" It's not really my style, nor could I hang it in my house, but it's glamorous. The detail is phenomenal and reminds me of something from Norse mythology. The rays look like sharp crystals emerging from the face.

This Ornate Gold Wall Clock is a cute and elegant. I think I remember my great grandma having something like this in her living room. I always thought it was pretty! Now I can have one of my own.

This vintage wall clock is like a flower. Simple but stunning. It is also in perfect working condition! I think I would take the risk and stain it a different color. Maybe a redder wood tone would make this stand out even more.

I've never seen a clock like this before. The regency floral wall clock looks like a piece of art. I wouldn't even care if it was actually useful. There are so many beautiful elements to this clock! It looks like it came straight from Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Do you think Syroco clocks are awesome and can work in a modern home? If so, which one is your favorite? They are all so unique in their design. Take a peek at more vintage Syroco clocks on Ebay.