Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Villeroy & Boch's Cheerful Acapulco Dinnerware Designs

Since I have been in gear for summer stuff, I've been on a mission to find vibrant looking antiques. I remember that Villeroy and Boch had an amazing Acapulco line that would be great for summer. I went over to pick my cousin up from her grandparents house one time during fall. They had set their table with this set and I always thought it was very fun. They had it decorated like this for a really long time. I remember thinking it was great, especially since we don't get a lot of vibrant colors in the Pacific Northwest. There are a bunch of pieces of Villeroy & Boch's Acapulco dinnerware sets on Etsy that you guys should come see!

As you all know by now, I love all things tea! I was very thrilled to see an Acapulco teapot or coffee pot. Now hosting a summertime tea session would be very easy.

Of course I will need this teacup and saucer set to match the teapot! I think sipping tea with friends outside out of these cups will set the summer mood. I could even use them throughout fall and even spring when the flowers start blooming.

This is a gorgeous trivet. If I were to buy the whole set of teacups, teapot, and saucers I think I would have to get this as well. I love the gold feet and rim. It really suits the pictures and would just glow in the sunlight!

I am sorry, but I feel like as I write to you I am convincing myself I need this whole set for myself! The pastry plates are clearly a necessity for summer brunches. I know that on Father's Day we will hopefully be sitting outside in the sun! For other parties, such as my tea party, this would be fantastic. I also like how the markings on this plate are different than the rest. Instead of it being in the center, the Acapulco design is just bordering the edges of the plate.

Every color of the rainbow is being used on this Acapulco salad plate. Each bird has such a pretty combination of colors! You can see in the art there is a lot of Mexican influence. I never considered the colors distracting you from your food, but as a salad plate this may end up confusing some people - like myself!

You can't have brunch with pastries without the butter. The Acapulco butter dish is incredibly radiant! I'd love to have a little Latin flair on my table, even if I just got this one thing. No one can have too many butter trays, they're used for almost every occasion!

As you can see, it is hard to pass up the whole set. If the table is done incorrectly, the Acapulco set could clash with certain colors or other sets. That's how they get you to buy the whole thing! I am trying to be good to my wallet, but there are so many great summer dining sets!

Check out more Villeroy & Boch's Acapulco dinnerware sets on Etsy. There are other plates, trays, and cups that you might fancy! Comment down below and tell me what you think of the design.