Friday, June 17, 2016

Fenton's Pretty Coin Dot Glassware

Is anyone else a sucker for funky glassware? I always need to take someone with me when I decide to go shopping for it, otherwise I would never leave the store! My favorite kind of art glassware is the coin dot design. It was "invented" in the late 1800's and still continues to be popular. Take a look at these Fenton coin dot glass items on both Etsy and Ebay. All these are absolutely stunning!

I want to serve all my summer drinks with this vintage Fenton blue opalescent coin dot set. I can see myself using these for a pool party. The color effects as the sun shines through would be really cool, even if there was just water in the glass.

This Fenton Cranberry Coin Dot Pitcher is another great way to serve cocktails in the sunshine. The color is vibrant and fun. It's perfect for an evening get-together! One thing I do find interesting is that the dots are all different sizes on the glasses. At least it would make it easy to distinguish your drink!

I have flowers up all year around, so I thought this Cranberry coin dot ruffle vase would be a great item to get. The ruffles are definitely my favorite part about the vase. The color wouldn't go with the whole scheme of the house unfortunately.

This antique French white vase is great for all year round. The color might be a bit boring, but the shape is exciting! It's interesting, because the vase itself looks like a large flower. It would be fun to use as a vase for other things like gems so the colors shine through.

Don't you think it's cool how this vintage rose bowl looks like it's actually engulfing on itself? It would be really cool to have little mini flowers in this bowl. Even better would be to store your jewelry in it!

I really like the idea of using this glass hanging lamp shade in my garden. I can only imagine how cool it would be to have this shining in the middle of the night. I really wish this came in other colors besides yellow, just my preference. Though I have to admit that it's a great shade for the summertime.

I can't believe that this kind of blue decanter is still around. It's very pretty, especially with the jagged crystal cork. It's something I imagine coming from a science fiction kind of world. It's too tempting!

This is a little different! The vintage Fenton amberina coin dot art glass bowl is the first one that doesn't have clear polka dots. This would just be a great serving dish or decor item for summer. This shade of orange is so lively and actually makes me smile.

Normally I am not a huge fan of green, but this green Fenton coin dot glass bowl has changed that. There are different tones of green that shine through which I really love. The shape is fantastic! It looks like an exotic flower that you would find in Mexico.

By far this Fenton amethyst coin dot glassware is my favorite. The color is gorgeous. It has that sleek "gasoline" look to it, which is really cool! It can be used as a serving dish or even just as a center piece of your dining room.

All of these gorgeous Fenton coin dot glass items are perfect for all year round. There are so many color options available that I think everyone would appreciate it. Which one is your favorite out the ten that is listed? Tell me down below!