Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Darling House-Shaped Birdhouses for Winter

This Cape Cod birdhouse is so cute! I wish my real life house looked like this! It also reminds me of a little dollhouse I had when I was a young girl, though I suppose mine was more Colonial style.

The thatched roof on this birdhouse makes it look like a little storybook cottage.

This birdhouse is made to look like a farmhouse on the prairie.

This birdhouse is lightly painted yellow and depicts a little Victorian cottage. It's also available on eBay.

This vintage 1970s rattan birdhouse wouldn't withstand the elements in winter, but it might look nice hanging from your deck in the summer.

Here's a quaint little blue birdhouse.

Here's a birdhouse that depicts a different kind of house altogether: a little yellow schoolhouse!

I love the look of this freestanding Victorian birdhouse, but I'm afraid my rambunctious dogs would knock it over.

This birdhouse looks like a cross between the White House and the Capitol building.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Delightful Book-Shaped Bento Boxes

I love this concept! Here's a bento box shaped like a book!

The book opens up to reveal two separated compartments for your lunch.

Wouldn't this make a great gift for your librarian or bookstore employee friend?

The box comes in several different designs. My favorites are the Peony Red and Peony Black.

These book shaped bento boxes are microwavable, too!

Beautiful Electric Kettles from Bella

I serve a lot of hot tea in my house. I'm very tempted by these attractive electric kettles, but can't seem to choose between them!

Teal Ceramic Electric Kettle, on Amazon

Purple Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle, on Amazon

Bella Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle in Red, on Amazon