Tuesday, June 28, 2016

10 Gorgeous Pieces of Emsa Tableware from Germany

I don't know if you remember me mentioning that I had a fire back in January or February. After that whole fiasco happened and rebuying new kitchen items, I swore to myself "No more plastic!" Well, I have a confession I need to make to you guys, I lied. I would love to just stick with glass and metal, but frankly, that's expensive. One of my most adored companies has to be Emsa from Germany. I just like the funky "futuristic" but retro tableware they have. Check out these awesome pieces of tableware by Emsa on Etsy.

I instantly thought of my mom when I saw this. The 70s panton EMSA Germany serve tray is almost identical as the one I grew up with. I would use these for some parties I had with my girlfriends and they truly are handy. Plus I have a weakness for chips and salsa.

The design and color of these atomic retro bowls are so amazing. I love the soft pink color on the inside. These would clearly be great for dips and such, but also just displaying or storing things throughout the house. What a cool shape!

It's a little late for Easter, but there are many summer brunches I will be hosting. These vibrant retro Emsa egg cups are great because they are plastic! The kids love egg cups, but I'm always so nervous when they use my ceramic ones. I would be so stress free with these!

I actually might be in love with this retro snack party platter. It's so cool how it all stacks on top of each other. Storage would be very simple! I wonder if you could get away with serving different finger food with it stacked like that. My question is why don't they make things like this anymore? I really enjoy all the groovy colors!

This orange vintage Emsa appetizer tray looks like the exact same as above. It's just orange! Apparently you can keep most of the bowls stacked! This would be such an awesome centerpiece in the middle of the table. Great for parties!

I can't speak or read German, but that doesn't necessarily matter. These vintage storage boxes are great for all kinds of things. In fact, I would use this outside for a brunch and put cheese or olives in it to keep bugs away.

Probably one of the simplest yet best inventions ever are butter dishes. This vintage Emsa butter dish is super vibrant and precious. I love the colors and the atomic style on the top. Not only that, the basket style bottom is very interesting! I really enjoy it for it's simple design.

Considering I've covering tableware, I think I've done an amazing job not featuring just tea sets! This Emsa vintage breakfast set is so cute! Fortunately for my wallet, I prefer ceramic teapots and cups! Too bad this was plastic, but it would be great for tea parties with my little nieces and nephews.

This vintage Emsa storage jar is another simple yet great item. Between you and me, this would be filled with sugar! I have a little bit of a sugar problem, especially when it comes to drinking coffee.

Last, but not tableware is the retro Emsa spice rack. it was just too cute to pass up and I need one! I adore the beautiful flowers that are on the very front. This is the perfect size too. My spice cabinet is getting too crazy, so I need to have more access to some of the most used spices!

If you're someone who loves plastic kitchenware, I definitely recommend Emsa products from Germany. It's durable, light, and very resistant to aging! Also, many things come in bright colors to liven up your day! Check out these awesome pieces of tableware by Emsa on Etsy. What is something you probably could use? I'd love to hear down below!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Lovely Figural Powder Jars with Ladies on Them

I remember seeing figural powder jars on my grandmother's vanity. There were all kinds of shapes and sizes, typically with animals on the top. Truthfully I would climb up there and play with all of them, because they were so pretty. My mom actually had one that looked like a queen - you would have to open her along her torso, and the bottom of her dress held all the powder!

Take a look at these antique figural powder jars on Etsy that look like ladies!

I have to say this is my favorite out of all the figural jars. The antique Dancing Girl figural jar is very elegant. The pink color looks as though there is a gorgeous glittery sheen on top. She looks like she is about to hit the dance floor!

The complimentary colors are fantastic on this Art Deco Flapper Lady figural jar. The parrot is a very nice touch. It would be fun to have this in a summer home! I love women's fashion in the twenties.

If you're looking for a jar with lots of attitude, take a look at this vintage art deco lady powder box. Her expression says it all! The feathers sticking out from the porcelain just give her a little more sass.

This Antique Bavaria blue set is really awesome for collectors and admirers alike. It's definitely a bonus that there are two matching perfume bottles to go with the powder jar. I also love that particular shade of blue!

I'm not particularly fond of the color of this vintage glass powder jar, but I love the design. Being able to see through one of these would be very useful in general. Most of I love her shape and how she folds her hands over each other.

What a little cutie. This doll powder jar looks very graceful. What I enjoy most about this jar is her pink attire. The golden flakes on the edges of her dress are so beautiful!

This vintage lady powder jar is in beautiful condition. It honestly looks like it is brand new! I would love to give this as a gift to an antique collector.

All of these have very unique qualities and artistic styles. Which one do you like the most out of this list? There are many antique lady figural powder jars on Etsy that might perk your interest! Comment down below and let me know what you think!