Monday, July 25, 2016

Pretty Retro Shoes from Chase & Chloe

It's been such a beautiful summer that I have been walking around quite a bit! One of my favorite pair of floral flats finally started to get holes in them. That's just a great excuse to find more vintage style shoes on Amazon! Take a look at Chase and Chloe! They have so many styles and colors of retro shoes. There's a little something for everyone - come take a look!

Chase and Chloe Women's Rhinestones Low Mary Jane Wedge - Peach

Chase and Chloe Mary Jane Cut Out Low Heel Leatherette Pump - Coral

Chase and Chloe Open Toe Suede Low Heel Sandal - Taupe Faux Suede

Chase and Chloe Women's Pointy Toe Ankle Strap Flat - Nude

Chase and Chloe Women's Cutout Ankle Strap Mary Jane Pump - Rose Pink

Chase and Chloe Women's Scallop Ankle Strap Low Kitten Heel - Blue

Chase and Chloe Embellished Ankle Strap Mary Jane Heel Wedge - Glitter

Chase and Chloe Women's Retro Mary Jane Style Mid Heel Dress Pumps

Chase and Chloe Women's Retro Mary Jane Style Mid Heel Dress Pumps

Chase And Chloe Jagged Edge Vintage Mary Jane Strap Pump Heel

Chase and Chloe Vintage Inspired Mod Scalloped Edge Bow Pump Heel


Chase and Chloe Women's Round Toe Two Tone Mary Jane Pumps

So many options! It's hard to choose! If you had to, which one would you pick? I really love how Chase and Chloe have a variety of retro styles on Amazon. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Darling Retro Miniature Clocks from The Emporium

I think most of you know by now how much I love miniature clocks. I'm so happy I found an assortment of retro miniature clocks from The Emporium on Amazon! All of these little clocks all take me back to different periods of time. Not only that, but they are all very unique in design.

My favorite piece has to be this Radio Novelty Old Fashion clock. It reminds me of being a kid.

I've always wanted a Victorian style bathtub like this miniature vintage bathtub clock! I feel like it makes your bathroom extra elegant.

Take a step into Italy in the 1940's with this classic Vespa clock. The clock shape is so interesting!

Are there any tailors or seamstresses here who can't get enough of the old style sewing machines? This old fashioned sewing machine clock would be fun to have in a craft room!

I think this miniature piano clock would be so cute to have displayed on top of your grand piano at home! Now you can time how long you've been practicing in a groovy way.

I love how funky these collectibles are. It's a fun way to decorate your home and appreciate history at the same time! What do you think of these retro miniature clocks from The Emporium? Make sure to comment down below and let me know!

The Vintage Style Turntable I'm Putting In My Downstairs Cocktail Bar

The best part about this gift I am giving myself is that it is portable! You could take this Crosley portable turntable anywhere you want to. Surprise your friends at a party and bring this along! Share the past with others and reminisce about all the good times!

Crosley Portable Turntable with Aux-In - Red

Crosley Portable Turntable with Aux-In - Black

As you can see these are super rad. You can choose between black or a bright red color for your portable turntable. You have to admit, especially during summertime, you would want to bring this (and several vintage vinyl records) with you to any pool party! What do you guys think? Tell me about it down below!

10 Gorgeous Colorful Duralex Glasswares from France

You're probably wondering where I store all these things I find! I tend to find all sorts of ways to use all this beautiful dishware, even if it doesn't involve food. I saw these stunning Duralex glasswares from France on Etsy and knew I needed more room. Here are my top ten - look at how colorful they are!

I actually do not have fondue plates in my house. I would love to have a fondue party sometime and use these. Plus, the vibrant orange tone would be a great contrast for my teal home decor!

These 6 green Duralex cups with saucers look very modern. There's something about drinking from glass mugs that seems so fancy too! The true green is a great color for the glass, in my opinion.

Wow! These vintage cobalt blue dessert bowls are absolutely gorgeous. This would be awesome to serve ice cream in for the summer!

I don't know if it's just the way the light hits the glass, but I love how it glows. These retro Duralex style blue glasses would look so fancy by poolside, especially if they glow like they do in the picture.

This is a huge set of dishware that I'm tempted to get. I really love the square shape of this French amber glass serving bowl set.

I would want to have this amethyst Duralex dinnerware set for the fall. There is something comforting about purple decor mixed with the seasonal colors like orange, green, and yellow.

Of course the color of these mid-century Vereco blue bowls appeal to me! It says they are square, but they almost look wavy to me. They're very artsy!

I think that I need more elegant dishes like this mid-century French dishware. The simple sunflower shape make it easy to use for any occasion - even during the holidays.

I don't have any swirls on my cups! These cobalt blue Vereco Duralex glass cups are pretty fun. They almost have an art deco style since they are so geometrical!

This amber vintage dish is supposed to be a tray, but it's so funky! I think it would be better off as home decor, but you could use it for serving if you want to awe your guests.

Aren't these so colorful and glamorous? People sometimes don't understand that vintage items can look modern as well! What do you guys think of these Duralex glasswares from France on Etsy? Comment down below and tell me your thoughts!

Charming Retro Wrapping Paper from Cavallini

I think it's really fun to wrap your gifts in retro wrapping paper. I love the illustrations because they really send me back. It's even better when I get another antique collector an older item and wrap it up in cute wrapping paper. Take a look at the retro wrapping paper from Cavallini on Amazon. It's a great way to give your gift a hair more character.

I know I would be hard pressed to rip open a present with this vintage paper doll wrapping paper. Don't you just want to cut out all the little pieces so you can play with them yourself?

I don't know why I think it would be funny to give one of my tech savvy friends some hardware as a gift and wrap it in this typewriter chart wrapping paper. I love mixing old and new together.

I would get so distracted reading this Les Bicyclettes wrapping paper. Instead of opening the present, you'll get a French bicycle history lesson! (If you can read French!)

I definitely think of my grandmother when I see this Sweet Treats antique wrapping paper. I've seen at least 75% of these desserts at many family gatherings, especially when I was younger!

For the most part, using this retro alphabet wrapping paper to wrap my kid's gifts is for my benefit. I think it's adorable, but I know the kids won't have as much appreciation for history like I do, yet!

Do you have any big events coming up this summer? Give your loved ones a great gift with super awesome retro wrapping paper from Cavallini on Amazon. It's the simple things that really make us smile!