Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chic and Useful Vintage Retro Blendo Martini Barware

What happened to the time of the Beatles, beatniks and bohemians? It was such a rad time! I think it would be possible to recreate the mid-century (1950's-1960's) scene with Vintage Blendo Glassware!

This is a legitimate mid-century Vintage Blendo Glassware Turquoise Blue Martini Pitcher. I really wish I had this for my upcoming winter party! The glasses are white "frosted" with gold rims.

Maybe these Blendo Glass Champagne Flutes might be a better fit for your home. The colors that are available make me reminisce about my parents' vintage glassware. This would be super fun for a retro party or for a bar owner that might want to have a retro night.

This mid-century set is quite elegant. The Vintage Blendo Cocktail Pitcher and Six Matching Roly Poly Glasses almost looks gold in the pictures, but they are an olive green. I think this would be great for future parties!

I'm in love with this Vintage Blendo Fiery Pink Pitcher, Glasses, and Garnish Bowl Set. It exudes so much energy! I can imagine my parents pouring lemonade from a pitcher exactly like this. I really don't feel like millennials have the same appreciation for beautiful glassware like people did in the mid-century.

Easter is just around the corner, and these Vintage Blendo Frosted Margarita Glasses would be awesome for the adults! They come in very pastel colors. Maybe a collector of mid-century goods would find these enhance their collection.

This Orange Vintage Frosted Blendo Martini Tall Pitcher is lovely. This would be a great bowl for punch. Too bad Mad Men is over, because this would be a fun piece to have at a Mad Men party.

Finally, another stunning set, the Large Retro Blendo Frosted Mint Green Pitcher and Margarita Glasses. A margarita out of this baby would just be amazing!

I can see why mid-century Blendo Glassware is so coveted. Look at other colors and sets of Vintage Blendo Glassware on Etsy! Tell me what you think down below in the comments!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm Fascinated By This Antique French Thatch House Sugar Dish

This antique French opaline thatch house is incredible!

It uses a bit of ormolu on the base of its stand.

It's sold by the Antiques Uncommon Treasure shop on eBay.

Design Toscano's Reproduction Retro Telephones

I was so thrilled to see these reproduction antique phones by Design Toscano. I remember going to my grandmother's house, where a few phones similar to these were on hand. I always thought they were really cool. All of these phones are painted with a beautiful bronze finish to give them a more vintage look. Here, check them out:

This is a really awesome Eiffel Tower Telephone. It might look older because of the rotary dialing and the overall look, but it actually has all the modern connections necessary for hooking it up to your house and using it.

The Roman Column Candlestick Telephone is a reproduction of a telephone from 1987. I always found these style of phones to be really fun to use. This may be a reproduction, but authentic phones with this style are still desired by collectors around the world.

I'm in love with the beautiful detail of this Swedish Royal Family Replica Telephone! The bronze embellishments are what make this phone perfect. It also has modern connections so you could use this as your home phone.

A simple design, but still a great reproduction: The Royal Victoria 1938 Telephone. It has a touch dial system and a sleek black and bronze design. I think it would fit well as a decoration or even used in any contemporary home.

This is such a funky phone. I mean that in a good way! Check out this Victorian Magneto 1923 Reproduction Telephone. The phone uses a hand-cranked generator that produces electricity to drive the ringers on the operator's console. I love what looks like faux gold plates and skirt decorating the phone.

I saved the most elegant for last. The Versailles Telephone in Polished Brass is also a touch dialing phone and is wired for modern day use! I really like the beautiful design on the brass. This phone looks really heavy!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Take a peek at all of Design Toscano's work! What do you think of these reproductions?

An Unusual Soviet Coffee Maker

This is such an interesting find! Monsters Under the Sea is an Etsy store that has new and vintage items from Eastern Europe and Soviet Russia.

I wouldn't be able to use this myself, but maybe a collector or someone here would be able to find use for this beautiful NOS Sand Coffee Maker! It's incredibly rare and not used at all. This item is from 1985.

It's an easy to use desktop coffee maker for brewing coffee on hot sand. It uses an ancient Middle Eastern technique that helps to make a delicious smooth, flavorful drink by using consistent heat.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Retro and Vintage Style Calendars for 2016

It's never too late to get organized. I know I didn't receive the calendar I wanted this year, so I bought one. Here are some 2016 calendars on Amazon that have all kinds of vintage art.

This Bon App├ętit 2016 Wall Calendar would be a great addition to any kitchen. I love the old art from vintage Bon Appetit magazines.

When I saw this Retro Mama 2016 Wall Calendar I giggled to myself a little bit. This offers a humorous look with a contemporary twist to mother's of the past. As February says, it is always easier to get through a family dinner with a little Bailey's in my coffee.

I'm in love with this Vintage Ads 2016 Wall Calendar. It is inspired by vintage poster art from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. These posters were created for fans of classic graphic art and design.

The Art Nouveau 2016 Calendar is another I really enjoy. Art Nouveau is one of my favorite periods of time. This calendar would be great for my office.

Some of my favorite calendars are the sassy vintage ones. This Anne Taintor 2016 Engagement Calendar is pretty much exactly what I want for this year.

The Vintage Burlesque Wall Calendar 2016 is really quite stunning. This features cabaret costumes, scantily clad chorus girls and burlesque dancers. It showcases the best dancers and actresses involved in the burlesque scene from the mid-twentieth century to the 1960s.

Maybe I didn't cover antique calendars that you might like. Check out Vintage 2016 calendars on Amazon Are there any other vintage calendars you particularly enjoy? Tell me about it down in the comments!

Fun Vintage 1960s TV Show Boardgames

I've always thought collecting 1960's TV Show Boardgames would be fun. I know for my parents or even some of my friends these would even be a challenge to remember everything. Let's all take a moment to reminisce about some of these 1960's TV show board games.

House Party Board Game is a good addition to anyone who was a fan of the old show. It has the cue cards with stunts on them, special games booklet, box liners, spinner, box and instructions.

One of America's favorite dogs, Lassie, had it's own boardgame. The Adventures of Lassie Board Game is a rare find. There is a spinner and markers to move around the board. It looks like fun!

The Concentration Board Game is played exactly as it was on TV. This is the second edition of the game.

This Vintage Jan Murray's Charge Account TV Word Game is played, also, exactly how it was on television.

This Eye Guess Board Game is a fun one! Based on the popular 1966-69 game show, two players are shown eight answers for eight seconds. One player answers questions by giving the number covering the appropriate answer.

The old CBS TV game Vintage Password Game is like the television show. The object of the game is to score points by guessing the correct "Password" from clues given by the partner.

This is a really simple game. The Hollywood Squares Board Game is really fun to play with little kids. The purpose is to be the first player or team to complete a tic-tac-toe or get 5 symbols on the board.

Have you seen any other vintage board games? Comment down below!

Vintage Melmac Tablewares in Pretty Spring Pastels

Today I'm exploring vintage Melmac melamine dishes. I'm thinking of picking up a set for my springtime luncheons I throw here at my house in rainy Seattle. I'm aware that these melamine resin dishes aren't microwave safe, and they can tend to scratch easily. However, I can hardly resist their vintage retro charms!

Green isn't my particular favorite color, but nevertheless I'm considering this set of Green Laguna Melmac dinnerware. For $28 you get several cups and saucers, dessert plates, dinner plates, bowls, and even a serving tray! My egg salad sandwiches would look nice on these, contrasting the yellow and white of the sandwiches with the green of the plates.

This pink and white flowery Melmac dinnerware set couldn't be more perfect for a spring lunch! It was made by Texas Ware.

These Melmac cups are a cheery yellow for Spring. They'd look lovely with cucumber sandwiches served upon them.

I'm quite partial to pink, so this pink Boonton luncheon set tempts me quite sorely.

Here's another lovely spring pastel melmac dishes set: Sky Blues.

It's so rainy here, we don't ever really picnic in the spring. So what excuse can I manufacture in order to treat myself to this Vacron pink and white serving set? The pitcher is especially adorable! Imagine serving pink lemonade from this!

You can see how I have my work cut out for me, browsing Melmac on Etsy and trying to decide on a dinnerware set for my spring table! These are all so affordable, I'd pick up more than one color if I had the storage space for them!


History of Melmac Dinnerware and Its Care

Melmac Central: History of Plastic Fantastic and Melamine Galore

Melmac Central at Retro Chalet

Melmac Encyclopedia

Retro Travel Trailer Themed Kitchen Accessories

I don't like actual camping (the bugs! The uncomfy mattresses! The cold! The boredom!) but I have always found campers, teardrop trailers and travel trailers adorable. Instead of having to experience the deprivations of camping, I'll just enjoy these camper and travel trailer shaped kitchen accessories.

I love the aqua and gold color scheme on this vintage set of travel trailer salt and pepper shakers. They're from the New Life Vintage RVs shop which specializes in travel trailer, camper and RV-themed antiques.

Grasslands Road produced this holiday-themed set of car and camper salt and pepper shakers.

This car and camper sugar and creamer set is by Fitz & Floyd.

Fitz & Floyd also made this matching travel trailer salt & pepper set.

Here's a Woody teardrop shaped travel trailer themed wine bottle holder.

This is a set of camper van shaped tea for one sets. I love their funky shape!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Quirky Vintage Alarm Clocks by RedChiliPeppers on Etsy

I have a bad reputation for never using my alarm clock. In fact, I feel they are best used as decoration! Which is why I wanted to show you guys these vintage alarm clocks by Red Chili Peppers on Etsy. Let's travel a few decades back and take a look!

This beautiful vintage Red Alarm Clock-Winding Alarm from the Czech Republic would be a great addition to my night stand. This is from the 1980's and is in working condition! It measures 4" in diameter and 4.5" in height. I absolutely love the sleek and shiny red coloring. I think what really ties this clock together is the funky numbering!

This is a little older than the latter. The Big Beige Alarm Clock from the Soviet Union was made in the 1970's. It almost has a gold shine when you look at it in the pictures. This has a 4 jewels mechanism and is in working condition. It's a fairly large clock measuring almost 5 inches in diameter and 5.1 inches in height.

I love this gorgeous Big Turquoise Alarm Clock! It's one of my favorite colors and I love the design of this one in particular. This is from the Soviet Union in the 1970's from the little village of Jantar. The diameter is almost 5 inches and it is 5.1 inches tall. The clock is in working condition!

This vintage clock has a very sporty feel. The Big Green Alarm Clock is also from the Soviet Union made in Jantar in the 1970's. It is the same size as the latter being almost 5 inches in diameter and standing 5.1 inches. It's not my favorite color or style, but I am sure it will fit in someone's collection!

What a groovy Big Yellow Alarm Clock! I love the glossy yellow shine and the metal body! This one is bound to attract people's attention. It's from 1980's Germany Meiser Anker. It measures about 4.8" in diameter and 6.7" in height. It's in perfect working condition.

This is another really awesome vintage alarm clock! The face of this Big Red Gold Alarm Clock has so much character with the gold lettering and red background. The diameter is about 4.3 inches and 5.1 inches tall. This is from the 1970's in Jantar Soviet Russia. It's so cute!

This classic Silver Alarm Clock would work for anywhere. This is a very old clock that comes from Jaz, France in the 1920's. The diameter is 3.7 inches. This alarm clock has a pretty chrome-silver metal body, hand winding, and in good hardware condition.

Check out more of Red Chili Peppers on Etsy alarm clocks and other vintage items! Let me know down below what you think of these retro clocks!