Thursday, June 9, 2016

My 7 Favorite Vintage Asparagus Plates

I truly wish that asparagus plates never stopped being a fad. I guess I have a better appreciation for them since they aren't as common. On Etsy, there is a variety of asparagus plates that are incredible. The art and design of each one is fairly unique! I personally think they are quite useful - especially since they have little indentations where dips like hollandaise can go! For you, I have picked my 7 favorite retro asparagus plates.

The simplistic painting style on these French Sarreguemine asparagus serving plates is beautiful. The tray itself is great for having large groups of people over. By having the asparagus shapes embedded in the plate, you can easily avoid them rolling over the plate and onto the floor. I can't even count how many times that has happened to me. I do like the individual plates having their own place for their sauces. No need to over-complicate!

You could use these white asparagus platters during any time of the year. The plates themselves almost have a modern flair, but believe me it is definitely vintage! I don't want to sound like a pig, but I do like having multiple sauces on my plate when I eat asparagus if it is offered. I definitely love the fact there are two separate places for dips. I think the serving "basket" for the asparagus is very cute and would work pretty well for dinner parties.

I think that this artichoke and asparagus Majolica plate set is stunning. The blue, purple, and green hues all over are great colors for all year around. I do like the fact that you can have a place for artichoke and asparagus on this set. God knows how many times I've struggled keeping an artichoke on my plate! The art on the border of the plates is pretty fantastic, I've never seen anything like it before.

This is a very bold and straight forward set. The auburn French Majolica asparagus dishes really scream 60's to me. If you look closely at the plates you can see what looks like peacock feather designs lining the edges of the plates. It's actually quite a remarkable set and incredibly elegant. I can see the contrast between the green purple asparagus and the burnt orange would be a great combination.

I love how straight forward this antique French Sarreguemines Asparagus plates set is. There are very definite asparagus outlines on the plate, a very obvious section for your sauce, and the plates are a vibrant green color. Clearly, this is an asparagus plate! I put this in my top 7, because I really love the unique shape of this plate. Instead of everything being very rounded it seems more rigid. I thought it was different and enjoyed the very forward take on the design.

When I saw this early twentieth century asparagus plate set I instantly thought of spring. The colors aren't vibrant enough to be called summer. I do think that the edges look like the petals of a sun flower. I really enjoy how delicately painted it is. It's very artistic, but still fully functional! Of course, a bonus would be being able to use it for artichokes too.

The Gien artichoke and asparagus plate set is stunning. The artistic foliage impressions on the plates are really amazing. Not only that, but there are clearly separate sections on the plate that you could probably have a dip, artichoke, and asparagus on there all at one time.

For all these amazing vintage items, it definitely requires a lot of storage space that most of us do not have. I think that you could probably make an exception with these asparagus plates that are on Etsy. As a collector, there are very cool sets that could be set out for display, because not a lot of people know something like this exists!

Do you agree with my list? What are some of your favorite asparagus plates? Comment down below and tell us about it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

6 Stunning Vintage Turquoise Milk Glass Pieces

There is clearly a theme here. If you hadn't noticed, it's that I love turquoise, teal, aqua... all of those shades! I've had a few outdoor parties with my brand new outdoor entertainment set. Unfortunately I think there aren't enough teal or turquoise accents. I really enjoy the vintage turquoise milk glass pieces on Etsy. I think I'll have to get at least a centerpiece for my dining table, but there are many gorgeous options. Here are my top 6:

The design of this retro Fenton blue milk glass bud vase is stunning. Even though the opening is narrow and not terribly tall, you could still fit one or two gorgeous flowers in it. For some contrast, I would probably put in a large sunflower and use it as the centerpiece of the table. I just can imagine the sun shining through the glass and making it glow during these long summer days.

This Fenton hobnail cake stand is quite mesmerizing. June is wedding season so I figured this would be a fitting place for this cake stand. It's also great for future birthdays or other celebrations. I think the color and shape of this would make your cake stand out more than usual!

As I hover over the "add to cart" button, I'm trying to find reasons not to purchase this milk glass whiskey decanter. The spirals that decorate the outside and the cork really accentuate this piece! I feel like this shade of turquoise is a hard one to find.

Now this vintage turquoise milk glass footed bowl would be great for my outdoor set. I could put little candies in it or even cherries to serve. The color is beautiful and the flower carvings are perfect for summer.

This is such a funky square bowl. The waves remind me of the ocean, which could put me in a more summer mood. This would be a fun way to serve a dish or even displaying pieces of fruit during the season. It's a great collector item for those who love the atomic age!

I must admit I am a little in awe with this blue milk glass vase. The colors are gorgeous and it looks sturdy enough to live in the outdoors. What really amazes me is the design is a little unusual. It reminds me of a cocoon or an insect, but not in a creepy sort of way. It's just oddly alluring to me.

Do you agree with this list? There are plenty of other vintage turquoise milk glass pieces on Etsy. These are just my personal favorites! Comment down below and tell me what your favorite is!

Vintage Pink Sunbeam Appliances for Kitchen and Bathroom

As much as I love vintage inspired items, I really adore finding things that are really from a while ago! I was thrilled to see that there are some retro pink Sunbeam appliances on Etsy. In fact, I remember learning to do a lot of my chores with these exact appliances! Apparently my mom's love for pink rubbed off on me. I am so tempted to get at least one of these Sunbeam kitchen items!

When I was little, I dreaded touching this retro Sunbeam iron. I just remember feeling like I had better things to do than to iron and I hated it! Now that I am older I can truly appreciate the chore. There really isn't anything like jumping into a bed of freshly ironed sheets. My mom had an iron that was exactly like this one, so it brings back a lot of memories.

I can't help that I really want this pink Sunbeam Mixmaster. I already have too many mixers at home, but this one is so classic! I believe my grandmother had something similar, but not in the pink color. This mixer has twelve settings! I know my other ones don't have that many, but it might be worth it for all the baking I am going to be doing in the fall.

Or I could always buy this vintage handmixer by Sunbeam. When I had my old Sunbeam mixer from my parents while I was in college it lasted forever. In fact, I've never been able to find such a long lasting appliance in all of my adult years. Why don't they make these things to last anymore like they used to? This is why I think I may have to get this one. It's so convenient and I know for a fact that it will last!

I am impressed by how new this pink Sunbeam lady shaver is. It looks like it really has never been used, which is a plus for buying a shaver! Even if you weren't going to actually use this, it's quite a classic. I wouldn't mind using this as some form of bathroom decor to give my home a more retro feel. It's a stunning piece and I know it will take many people back to the good old days!

I feel a bit ashamed that I laughed at this Vintage Sunbeam hair / nail dryer. I remember my grandmother using something like this either at home or at a friend's, I can't exactly recall. I just used to giggle at her as a little girl, because it looked like she had a bag over her hair! I was always astounded at how well it worked! I don't know if I could bring myself to buy this - my grandma would probably get back at me from all the times I made fun of her.

Aren't these pink Sunbeam appliances on Etsy such a blast from the past? Do you remember having these at your home or even using them? Tell me about it in the comments below! I was so excited to find them, because it's just another excuse to buy something I want. I think I would do my mother proud right about now!