Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clever Retro Printable Favor Boxes from Simply Everyday Me

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and some of us (including myself) still need to prepare. I really enjoy giving everyone a little something like candy or baked goods. I thought these Retro Printable Favor Boxes from Simply Everyday Me on Etsy would be a real fun way to deliver my gifts. These are all instantly printable so you can get them today!

I think most of my friends would have a huge appreciation for this Boom Box Cupcake Box. Even my older cousins would even get a kick out of this. People forget that it wasn't that long ago that people had boom boxes. I still even have one!

It has always been my dream to ride in one of these. This Retro Woodie Surfer Wagon Box would be especially fun to deliver some treats in. This comes in different colors and styles such as cream, orange, and teal. Check them out!

This is the smallest box out of the ones I will show, but I'm sure there are many clever ideas for it. The Cassette Tape Box could be used as a gift box for small little gadgets like a USB drive (full of romantic music of course.) This one is very customizable as well.

The trendy VW Beetle Bug Box will probably never go out of style. It's large enough for so many different sweets from small candies to cookies. I have a couple friends who love the old Volkswagen Bug that would appreciate this gift box. There is also a Pink Downloadable Beetle Bug Box for those who do not want blue!

Now this is an oldie that is a goody. This Record Player Gift Box would be an awesome place to store some sweets for all those who miss listening to records to on what they're supposed to be played on! What a great idea for people who are collectors or even some of our older friends that don't mind being teased.

I had to save the best for last, the Kissing Booth Gift Box. I love watching movies where they had little kissing booths! This would be the best way to deliver your retro Valentine's Day Candy!

There are a ton more retro gift boxes for all year round! Take a look at Retro Printable Favor Boxes from Simply Everyday Me on Etsy. Tell me about it down below!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Darling New Western and Cowboy Themed Board Book for Babies

This adorable Wild West themed alphabet board book for babies comes out in March. The illustrator is Greg Paprocki, who has done the art for several other cute BabyLit books from Gibbs Smith.

When my dad was growing up in the 1950s and early 1960s, cowboys and the Wild West were a huge part of his (and probably every other American boy's) life. He had Western themed toys, cowboy hat and boots, and watched all the Westerns with my grampa.

I'm tempted to get this book for my dad's new grandkid (whenever one of my stepsisters gives birth to one!) so Grampa can read this colorful, cute retro styled book to the new baby. D'awww.

"V is for Vittles" will arrive on March 1st. Get your copy on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble!