Friday, June 17, 2016

Fenton's Pretty Coin Dot Glassware

Is anyone else a sucker for funky glassware? I always need to take someone with me when I decide to go shopping for it, otherwise I would never leave the store! My favorite kind of art glassware is the coin dot design. It was "invented" in the late 1800's and still continues to be popular. Take a look at these Fenton coin dot glass items on both Etsy and Ebay. All these are absolutely stunning!

I want to serve all my summer drinks with this vintage Fenton blue opalescent coin dot set. I can see myself using these for a pool party. The color effects as the sun shines through would be really cool, even if there was just water in the glass.

This Fenton Cranberry Coin Dot Pitcher is another great way to serve cocktails in the sunshine. The color is vibrant and fun. It's perfect for an evening get-together! One thing I do find interesting is that the dots are all different sizes on the glasses. At least it would make it easy to distinguish your drink!

I have flowers up all year around, so I thought this Cranberry coin dot ruffle vase would be a great item to get. The ruffles are definitely my favorite part about the vase. The color wouldn't go with the whole scheme of the house unfortunately.

This antique French white vase is great for all year round. The color might be a bit boring, but the shape is exciting! It's interesting, because the vase itself looks like a large flower. It would be fun to use as a vase for other things like gems so the colors shine through.

Don't you think it's cool how this vintage rose bowl looks like it's actually engulfing on itself? It would be really cool to have little mini flowers in this bowl. Even better would be to store your jewelry in it!

I really like the idea of using this glass hanging lamp shade in my garden. I can only imagine how cool it would be to have this shining in the middle of the night. I really wish this came in other colors besides yellow, just my preference. Though I have to admit that it's a great shade for the summertime.

I can't believe that this kind of blue decanter is still around. It's very pretty, especially with the jagged crystal cork. It's something I imagine coming from a science fiction kind of world. It's too tempting!

This is a little different! The vintage Fenton amberina coin dot art glass bowl is the first one that doesn't have clear polka dots. This would just be a great serving dish or decor item for summer. This shade of orange is so lively and actually makes me smile.

Normally I am not a huge fan of green, but this green Fenton coin dot glass bowl has changed that. There are different tones of green that shine through which I really love. The shape is fantastic! It looks like an exotic flower that you would find in Mexico.

By far this Fenton amethyst coin dot glassware is my favorite. The color is gorgeous. It has that sleek "gasoline" look to it, which is really cool! It can be used as a serving dish or even just as a center piece of your dining room.

All of these gorgeous Fenton coin dot glass items are perfect for all year round. There are so many color options available that I think everyone would appreciate it. Which one is your favorite out the ten that is listed? Tell me down below!

7 Stunning Fancy and Glamorous Vintage Syroco Clocks

I can appreciate modern home decor, but I'm still a sucker for vintage clocks. In my opinion, there is nothing more elegant than having an antique wood clock. The best are those that are carved or sculpted into beautiful shapes. Is that a lost art nowadays?

Syroco was a company famous for their wood-pulp products. Even though their molds only looked like carvings, they did a brilliant job with the resemblance. Here are my 7 favorite vintage Syroco clocks on Ebay.

This vintage 1960's starburst wall clock reminds me of the atomic age! It looks absolutely like pristine wood, but it's actually plastic. The lettering on the face of the clock is really cool and funky. It's probably my favorite feature.

I cannot believe the detail that went into this retro Jeweled Wind clock. I can see this being used in a beautiful Victorian mansion. The design is just amazing. This clock would be a showstopper in anyone's home.

This midcentury starburst clock is my favorite. I love the darker features on the face and the light lettering. I also enjoy how the rays overlap each other.

When I saw this atomic Mid Century starbust sun clock all I could say is "Wow!" It's not really my style, nor could I hang it in my house, but it's glamorous. The detail is phenomenal and reminds me of something from Norse mythology. The rays look like sharp crystals emerging from the face.

This Ornate Gold Wall Clock is a cute and elegant. I think I remember my great grandma having something like this in her living room. I always thought it was pretty! Now I can have one of my own.

This vintage wall clock is like a flower. Simple but stunning. It is also in perfect working condition! I think I would take the risk and stain it a different color. Maybe a redder wood tone would make this stand out even more.

I've never seen a clock like this before. The regency floral wall clock looks like a piece of art. I wouldn't even care if it was actually useful. There are so many beautiful elements to this clock! It looks like it came straight from Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Do you think Syroco clocks are awesome and can work in a modern home? If so, which one is your favorite? They are all so unique in their design. Take a peek at more vintage Syroco clocks on Ebay.

5 Stunning Vintage Franciscan Madeira Glasses Sets

Do you remember those Thanksgiving dinners where your entire family is present? I mean like distant cousins or aunts and uncles you didn't know about. When I came home from college to big dinners like that, there were always Franciscan Madeira glasses on the table. Special occasions mean special glassware! Today is one of those days that I am missing family. These glasses are something that just popped into my head. I'd like to show my top 5 picks for vintage Franciscan Madeira glassware on Etsy!

When I saw this gold vintage Franciscan Madeira set I was immediately thrown into the past! I definitely remember eating ice cream out of the footed bowls and drinking sparkling cider in a smaller glass. In general, I surprisingly like the color for this time of year.

These violet Franciscan Madeira Goblets are the exact color my grandma had her whole set in. Thinking back, these glasses are pretty great for gatherings. They are sturdy and elegant.

I couldn't resist showing you guys these teal vintage Franciscan Madeira dessert cups. They are in my favorite color! These would match my outdoor furniture. Which is great because I love lounging in the sun eating sorbet!

This depth of color on this set of red Franciscan Madeira glasses is astonishing. Can't you see these being used during Christmas? I just think they're stunning!

Normally I am not a green person, but for some reason I really enjoy this Franciscan Madeira glass set. I can definitely see myself sipping iced tea out of these goblets!

These definitely are a blast from the past. Not only are they beautiful, but I feel like they are practical. I am always nervous about some of the tiny stems people have on their glasses. Check out more colors and styles of vintage Franciscan Madeira glassware on Etsy! Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adorable Vintage Style Mary Jane Pumps for Summer Dances

Do you remember those old musicals from the 50's where there is a bunch of dancing? When I see these Mary Jane pumps all I can think of is the Judy Garland movie "In the Good Old Summertime". This is the time of year where late night dancing becomes the norm. Even when I know I should be going to bed, I find myself wide awake!

With these cute Mary Jane pumps you can show off your vintage pride and have summer fun!

Each of these shoes is great for any summer outfit! The red pumps would especially be fitting for your 4th of July attire. I could even see myself wearing these shoes with one of those Coco swimsuits I blogged about a while ago. What about you? Comment below!

Gorgeous Antique Vanity Sets from New Martinsville

I've been trying my hardest not to decorate my entire house in teal colors. It's incredibly difficult for me, especially this time of year! I don't have a whole lot of space for these antique vanity sets, but they are stunning. To be perfectly honest, I don't know if I would even use this as much as I would want to. Maybe one of you would? Check it out!

The deep turquoise blue of this retro vanity perfume set is gorgeous. I don't wear a whole lot of perfume. If someone could suggest a creative way of using this, I would get it in a heartbeat. A similar peacock blue perfume set is also available on Ebay!

The color of this antique perfume set lifts my spirits! My room and bathroom are not bright enough to really do this vanity set justice. I can just imagine seeing this in a brightly lit room shining on a tiled counter top. A similar light teal perfume set is also on ebay!

Which of the two colors do you like the most? It's a tough pick for me. I would see if there are other colors of New Martinsville vanity sets on Etsy or on Ebay, if you're not into teal. With the sun up all day, it's starting to feel like summer. That's why I keep thinking about gorgeous aqua colors that remind me of the ocean! Comment down below and let me know what you think of these two vanity sets.

Villeroy & Boch's Cheerful Acapulco Dinnerware Designs

Since I have been in gear for summer stuff, I've been on a mission to find vibrant looking antiques. I remember that Villeroy and Boch had an amazing Acapulco line that would be great for summer. I went over to pick my cousin up from her grandparents house one time during fall. They had set their table with this set and I always thought it was very fun. They had it decorated like this for a really long time. I remember thinking it was great, especially since we don't get a lot of vibrant colors in the Pacific Northwest. There are a bunch of pieces of Villeroy & Boch's Acapulco dinnerware sets on Etsy that you guys should come see!

As you all know by now, I love all things tea! I was very thrilled to see an Acapulco teapot or coffee pot. Now hosting a summertime tea session would be very easy.

Of course I will need this teacup and saucer set to match the teapot! I think sipping tea with friends outside out of these cups will set the summer mood. I could even use them throughout fall and even spring when the flowers start blooming.

This is a gorgeous trivet. If I were to buy the whole set of teacups, teapot, and saucers I think I would have to get this as well. I love the gold feet and rim. It really suits the pictures and would just glow in the sunlight!

I am sorry, but I feel like as I write to you I am convincing myself I need this whole set for myself! The pastry plates are clearly a necessity for summer brunches. I know that on Father's Day we will hopefully be sitting outside in the sun! For other parties, such as my tea party, this would be fantastic. I also like how the markings on this plate are different than the rest. Instead of it being in the center, the Acapulco design is just bordering the edges of the plate.

Every color of the rainbow is being used on this Acapulco salad plate. Each bird has such a pretty combination of colors! You can see in the art there is a lot of Mexican influence. I never considered the colors distracting you from your food, but as a salad plate this may end up confusing some people - like myself!

You can't have brunch with pastries without the butter. The Acapulco butter dish is incredibly radiant! I'd love to have a little Latin flair on my table, even if I just got this one thing. No one can have too many butter trays, they're used for almost every occasion!

As you can see, it is hard to pass up the whole set. If the table is done incorrectly, the Acapulco set could clash with certain colors or other sets. That's how they get you to buy the whole thing! I am trying to be good to my wallet, but there are so many great summer dining sets!

Check out more Villeroy & Boch's Acapulco dinnerware sets on Etsy. There are other plates, trays, and cups that you might fancy! Comment down below and tell me what you think of the design.