Saturday, February 20, 2016

Funky Vintage Tablecloths from Cinnamon Girl's Shop

I'm so thrilled that I found these awesome retro tablecloths. Cinnamon Girl's Stuff on Etsy has so many cool vintage items like ribbons, hankies, clothes, etc. I'm glad I found some funky tablecloths and runners to show you that you might definitely enjoy.

The Orange Fruits and Teapots- Vintage 1970s Tablecloth totally reminds me of being a kid again. It brings me back to times where my mom would cook at home and dad would sit at the table reading the paper during breakfast. This would liven up any dining room or kitchen. It's very large measuring 51" x 65.

This Vintage Flour Sack Cotton Tablecloth - Embroidered Roses is gorgeous. The detail of these hand-embroidered red and yellow roses makes me wish we had more of this now. The table cloth is 32" x 33.5". It would go well with a cabin in the woods kind of look or in your cottage in the country!

Another style of tablecloth that is very familiar to me is the Vintage Lace Tablecloth. I remember getting together with my family for the holidays - This was the kind of tablecloth we always used to decorate the table. I think that's exactly when it should be used: for the holidays.

I love this Mid-Century Fruit Tablecloth. This would be another great addition to a country home or a way to brighten up your kitchen. It measures 44" x 50". It's hard to find that kind of art style any more with the fruit. This is my favorite tablecloth!

This is an interesting but very fun tablecloth. The Unusual 1960s Old Tyme Tablecloth has all sorts of things printed on it, such as cowboy boots, tea kettle, brooms, etc. It's almost as if there's a scene being played out on it. You can tell by the art style that this is a fairly old design. It measures an ample 44" x 52".

What a beautiful Classic 1950s Tablecloth in Fuchsia. What I would give to be able to get away with this in my mostly turquoise dining room! This design is incredibly elegant. I can see this being used during Christmas or Thanksgiving. It would be fun to take a trip to the past with this tablecloth.

Since Easter and Spring are just around the corner, this Vintage Embroidered Floral Basket Tablerunner is fitting. I love the colors and the stitching. It's fun and would make a great addition to my decorations.

Take a look at other vintage tablecloths and items by Cinnamon Girl's Stuff on Etsy. There's a lot to choose from! Comment down below to tell me what you think!