Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gorgeous Retro Themed Crafting Fabrics from Robert Kaufman

I really wish I was the sewing kind of person. My aunt is actually a fabulous seamstress and I look for new fabric for her almost all the time. I thought she would really appreciate these and I think you guys would too. Robert Kaufman has a variety of retro fabrics that would make for a nice gift.

My aunt really loves "spool art". The Vintage Couturier from Robert Kaufman - Beige Spools would be a really cute gift. I understand she's a seamstress, but I personally don't get the love for "spool art". This design is very cute though.

Oddly enough, I really do love this Vintage Couturier from Robert Kaufman - Antique Buttons fabric. It's sad, but I feel that coats or shirts now a day really don't have the character that they did in the past. I do believe that buttons really give outfits a bunch of character and vintage buttons had it down perfectly. This my long rambling for why I like this particular fabric!

After a little more searching, I found this gem! Now this 1/2 YARD Vintage Couturier Fabric by Robert Kaufman would be absolutely perfect for my crazy aunt! It shows all the great aspects of sewing in one fabric. I also think the antique look will be appreciated.

This Robert Kaufman Vintage Wine Bottles is my favorite fabric out of all of them. Wine and retro are some of my favorite things and having them combined is a bonus! I would love to be able to hang this on my wall for decoration!

This is a gorgeous Robert Kaufman Vintage Couturier Fabric with Doilies. This is a another I can see as decoration on my walls! This antique fabric would be very fun to work with.

What are some of your favorite Robert Kaufman fabrics? Let me know in the comments below.