Friday, June 17, 2016

5 Stunning Vintage Franciscan Madeira Glasses Sets

Do you remember those Thanksgiving dinners where your entire family is present? I mean like distant cousins or aunts and uncles you didn't know about. When I came home from college to big dinners like that, there were always Franciscan Madeira glasses on the table. Special occasions mean special glassware! Today is one of those days that I am missing family. These glasses are something that just popped into my head. I'd like to show my top 5 picks for vintage Franciscan Madeira glassware on Etsy!

When I saw this gold vintage Franciscan Madeira set I was immediately thrown into the past! I definitely remember eating ice cream out of the footed bowls and drinking sparkling cider in a smaller glass. In general, I surprisingly like the color for this time of year.

These violet Franciscan Madeira Goblets are the exact color my grandma had her whole set in. Thinking back, these glasses are pretty great for gatherings. They are sturdy and elegant.

I couldn't resist showing you guys these teal vintage Franciscan Madeira dessert cups. They are in my favorite color! These would match my outdoor furniture. Which is great because I love lounging in the sun eating sorbet!

This depth of color on this set of red Franciscan Madeira glasses is astonishing. Can't you see these being used during Christmas? I just think they're stunning!

Normally I am not a green person, but for some reason I really enjoy this Franciscan Madeira glass set. I can definitely see myself sipping iced tea out of these goblets!

These definitely are a blast from the past. Not only are they beautiful, but I feel like they are practical. I am always nervous about some of the tiny stems people have on their glasses. Check out more colors and styles of vintage Franciscan Madeira glassware on Etsy! Which one is your favorite?