Wednesday, June 8, 2016

6 Stunning Vintage Turquoise Milk Glass Pieces

There is clearly a theme here. If you hadn't noticed, it's that I love turquoise, teal, aqua... all of those shades! I've had a few outdoor parties with my brand new outdoor entertainment set. Unfortunately I think there aren't enough teal or turquoise accents. I really enjoy the vintage turquoise milk glass pieces on Etsy. I think I'll have to get at least a centerpiece for my dining table, but there are many gorgeous options. Here are my top 6:

The design of this retro Fenton blue milk glass bud vase is stunning. Even though the opening is narrow and not terribly tall, you could still fit one or two gorgeous flowers in it. For some contrast, I would probably put in a large sunflower and use it as the centerpiece of the table. I just can imagine the sun shining through the glass and making it glow during these long summer days.

This Fenton hobnail cake stand is quite mesmerizing. June is wedding season so I figured this would be a fitting place for this cake stand. It's also great for future birthdays or other celebrations. I think the color and shape of this would make your cake stand out more than usual!

As I hover over the "add to cart" button, I'm trying to find reasons not to purchase this milk glass whiskey decanter. The spirals that decorate the outside and the cork really accentuate this piece! I feel like this shade of turquoise is a hard one to find.

Now this vintage turquoise milk glass footed bowl would be great for my outdoor set. I could put little candies in it or even cherries to serve. The color is beautiful and the flower carvings are perfect for summer.

This is such a funky square bowl. The waves remind me of the ocean, which could put me in a more summer mood. This would be a fun way to serve a dish or even displaying pieces of fruit during the season. It's a great collector item for those who love the atomic age!

I must admit I am a little in awe with this blue milk glass vase. The colors are gorgeous and it looks sturdy enough to live in the outdoors. What really amazes me is the design is a little unusual. It reminds me of a cocoon or an insect, but not in a creepy sort of way. It's just oddly alluring to me.

Do you agree with this list? There are plenty of other vintage turquoise milk glass pieces on Etsy. These are just my personal favorites! Comment down below and tell me what your favorite is!