Monday, June 27, 2016

Lovely Figural Powder Jars with Ladies on Them

I remember seeing figural powder jars on my grandmother's vanity. There were all kinds of shapes and sizes, typically with animals on the top. Truthfully I would climb up there and play with all of them, because they were so pretty. My mom actually had one that looked like a queen - you would have to open her along her torso, and the bottom of her dress held all the powder!

Take a look at these antique figural powder jars on Etsy that look like ladies!

I have to say this is my favorite out of all the figural jars. The antique Dancing Girl figural jar is very elegant. The pink color looks as though there is a gorgeous glittery sheen on top. She looks like she is about to hit the dance floor!

The complimentary colors are fantastic on this Art Deco Flapper Lady figural jar. The parrot is a very nice touch. It would be fun to have this in a summer home! I love women's fashion in the twenties.

If you're looking for a jar with lots of attitude, take a look at this vintage art deco lady powder box. Her expression says it all! The feathers sticking out from the porcelain just give her a little more sass.

This Antique Bavaria blue set is really awesome for collectors and admirers alike. It's definitely a bonus that there are two matching perfume bottles to go with the powder jar. I also love that particular shade of blue!

I'm not particularly fond of the color of this vintage glass powder jar, but I love the design. Being able to see through one of these would be very useful in general. Most of I love her shape and how she folds her hands over each other.

What a little cutie. This doll powder jar looks very graceful. What I enjoy most about this jar is her pink attire. The golden flakes on the edges of her dress are so beautiful!

This vintage lady powder jar is in beautiful condition. It honestly looks like it is brand new! I would love to give this as a gift to an antique collector.

All of these have very unique qualities and artistic styles. Which one do you like the most out of this list? There are many antique lady figural powder jars on Etsy that might perk your interest! Comment down below and let me know what you think!