Saturday, November 19, 2016

Colorful Carnival Glass Punch Bowls for Whimsical Holiday Entertaining

Are you planning on having a party this year during the holidays? Consider getting one of these colorful vintage carnival glass punch bowls for entertaining! They come in all kinds of colors that would be perfect for any theme.

Not only would this iridescent glass punch bowl work for the holidays, but for future events as well. You can put all kinds of different fun colored drinks in it!

For the holidays this year, I think that this iridescent carnival glass punch bowl is perfect. The gold shimmering color would look magical this year for Christmas or New Year's! You could even use this and make your own sangria.

I am amazed with all the colors that shine through this green 'Wreath of Roses' punch bowl. The gold painted leaves are really festive on the dark green glass. The roses are a very elegant touch.

Instead of sticking with traditional Christmas colors, you can do something a little different. The iridescent blue glass punch bowl is great for wintertime. There are plenty of matching glasses so you can have a party!

This is obviously great for the holidays. You can use this eggnog punch bowl for a festive holiday party in your home, or for the family's Christmas celebrations. The rose patterns underneath the glasses are very adorable.

Originally I thought this was black, which would be fine! It's really easy to see the beautiful iridescent colors on this purple carnival punch bowl. There are 12 different glasses that would be awesome to have for your holiday get-together.

This must be my favorite vintage carnival glass punch bowl. The colors are really beautiful! Even for fall, this would be a great decorative item. There are no glasses that come with it, but the bowl itself is really amazing.

These are fun and beautiful carnival glass punch bowls that are wonderful for hosting. Which color would you want to have for your holiday party? Keep in mind, you can use these for events such as birthdays, weddings, and other holidays! Comment below and let me know!