Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blenko's Colorful and Unusual Glass Pitchers

With summertime coming around the corner I am trying to find some awesome pitchers for my parties! One of my favorite companies is Blenko. This company has been around forever over a hundred years to be exact. The quality of glass is superb.The colors of these Blenko's glass pitchers are amazing! Not only are the colors just amazing the shapes are funky and cool. Come check out Blenko Glass Pitchers I found on Etsy!

This Blenko Blue Glass Pitcher screams pool time to me! I would so love to make Mojitos in this cool pitcher while hanging out with some friends by the pool. I love the color as well.

I was so excited to find this Antique Blenko Pitcher with Hobnail Detail. I know it's crazy, but I think having two spouts is super awesome! I feel awkward sometimes when I turn the whole pitcher around so I can find the handle and the knob. Also, the texture is really interesting.

What a groovy pitcher. This Blenko Green Glass Decanter has an awesome design and gorgeous color. Can you imagine serving limeade with this decanter? I think it would be a perfect for a hot summer day.

I am imagining storing my flowers in this Turquoise Blue Blenko Pitcher. I like it, but it definitely feels like it could be used to store my bouquets. It reminds me of the Mediterranean with it's beautiful blue color.

Imagine serving lemonade or frosty Whisky Sours out of this vintage Blenko Jonquil pitcher! It has crackle glass and dates from the late 1950s.

I know that this would be a great pitcher to bring to a beach party. This Vintage Blue Blenko Crackle Pitcher reminds me of how light hits the ocean. It's just stunning!

Do you need some colorful pitchers in your life? I sure do! Not only are they vintage, groovy, and unique, but they are high quality. Take a look at more Blenko glass pitchers on Etsy! What was your reaction when you saw these pitchers? Tell me about it down below!