Monday, May 9, 2016

Cocoship's Fab Retro Swimsuits on Amazon

Summer is coming up quickly and I need to start preparing! When I was sorting through all my clothes I realized I only have one swimsuit. I live in the Pacific Northwest so it's not entirely surprising that I only own one. I admit, I just have always wanted a retro style swimsuit. Let's get fabulous with Cocoship's retro swimsuits on Amazon!

This teal monokinis halter swimsuit is so cute. This is the only suit from Cocoship that is teal, my favorite color! This style almost looks like it originated the two piece swimsuit style. It's stylish and conservative. I personally always wear shorts when I go swimming. This style makes it easy!

I want to sunbathe in this vintage one piece swimsuit. I actually prefer the size of the polka dots. This reminds me of Minnie Mouse! The "bra" part of the swimsuit is a bit higher than what you see nowadays.

This is the same cut as before, but in a plus size. The black cherry one piece swimsuit looks like it would be very comfortable. The waist has elastic seams on the side that would be perfect for extenuating your curves. I actually prefer swimsuits to have that! It's so cute and I love the cherries!

I am in love with this cut! When I think "retro" this monokini dress is the one piece that comes to mind. It's also one of the only bathing suits that I think is flattering on everyone! I wish that the trend would come back around!

Some of the best swimsuits are the plain Jane ones. This classy antique style two piece comes in all sorts of colors. There is more of the elastic which tells me it's going to be super comfy! I like the front tie as well. I can actually picture vintage Hollywood starlets wearing this!

This vintage high waisted bikini is the same style as above with a modern twist. It has cute little skulls on the lower piece. There are other patterns that are offered such as leopard print, polka dot, and even flamingo prints!

If you're looking for a more nautical style, this retro stripe bow bikini would be great for you. I so wish that I could wear this! It reminds me of ladies watching Navy sailors from the docks way back when.

Take a look at other fantastic retro swimsuits by Cocoship on Amazon! It's so interesting to think both of my grandmothers probably wore something stylish like this when they were young. It's like taking a step into history. Can you find yourself wearing any of these?