Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stunning Spanish Garden Dishes from Midwinter

I have had quite a few gatherings at my place this summer and each time I felt like I was close to running out of dishes. Can you believe it? The other problem I am having is finding dishes that match my current teal decor. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I found these Spanish Garden dishes by Midwinter! Not only are the colors stellar, but I love the brand. These are truly a classic. Come take a look at this gorgeous set.

This Midwinter porcelain milk jug is great for my summertime and fall tea parties!

I think I'm accidentally creating a tea party scene in my head. I might as well have this vintage Spanish Garden trio handy for when the ladies come over. The flower embellishments are so serene!

Next time I have a party to go to, I would love to show off my cooking in this Midwinter casserole dish. It's very elegant and perfect for a gathering at any time of year.

These vintage bowls could be used for salad, pasta, or a very elaborate dessert.

The vintage Spanish Garden dinner plate is a great size and is beautifully decorated. It would be fabulous to serve dinner for my final summer party on these!

Clearly I would be using this retro mod coffee pot to make tea. I am already planning on using this to pour tea throughout the day at my desk.

Lastly, you can use these Midwinter Spanish Garden cups and saucers for tea or coffee. Imagine sipping from these on a warm morning amid your own garden!

I think these are great for all year around, especially spring and summer time. The colors are great for winter too. What do you think of this gorgeous set? Comment below!