Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Charming and Whimsical Figgjo Flint Dishes from Norway

I am really in love with colorful retro items as you all can probably tell! I didn't even know about this particular brand until a few days ago. I'm sad that it took this long to be aware of their existence! A lot of the Figgjo Flint retro dishes are great for summer. There are all kinds of designs ranging from vibrant, floral, to whimsical illustrations of Norwegian life! These are really charming and fun - let's take a look!

I like the little characters sitting back to back on this Turi sugar bowl. It claims it can be used as a mug, but since it doesn't have a handle I wouldn't risk it.

Look at how funky this Figgjo Flint leaf design plate is! All the colors are awesome. The sketchy shapes that make up the illustration are super cool.

I think you would be surprised at how much these two Figgjo Flint skillet pans might come in handy. They are apparently great to use on the stove and in the oven. Plus, the floral design is really groovy.

These retro Figgjo Flint salt and pepper shakers are a fun way to decorate your table, especially if you've been to Oslo. You can see the Oslo City Hall in the background of these shakers - including the waterfront.

I don't think I would ever use these antique egg cups, but I love the design. The colors are great for summertime and are definitely old school.

Can't you see drinking frosty cold milk from these Figgjo Flint Turi design Daisy milk cups? These are really rare and pretty!

In all honesty, I would normally avoid dishes that are olive in color. I surprisingly like this vintage ceramic pitcher. It's really earthy and great for fall and spring. I love the little scene being shown!

The deep dark reds and browns are really cool on this Morocco Figgjo lidded bowl. Is it just me or does the lid have a hypnotic effect?

If you're always in your kitchen, then this Flint Figgjo Turi Designs large ceramic shaker would be an awesome tool! Plus she's really bright and cute!

All of these playful dishes are fun for everyone! I'm so glad I ran into Figgjo flint retro dishes on Etsy. What are your thoughts on these dishes? Would you ever use them? Comment down below!