Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tempted by Antique Tiffin Candlesticks

Last night was actually a little chilly, so I had the urge to light a fire! I realized that might actually make my house too hot though. Instead, I compromised and lit a bunch of candles. They gave off the perfect amount of heat.

Tiffin candlesticks are one of my favorite vintage brands. This company was in business for almost 100 years, but sadly closed in the mid 1980's. Their candle holders come in all kinds of funky and wonderful shapes. Not only that, but the fun and bright colors really bring these to life. Come check out the antique Tiffin candlesticks on eBay and Etsy!

I thoroughly enjoy the rusty color of these amber glass Tiffin candlesticks. The warm hues emitted are going to be great for fall.

This would be so interesting to use for summertime. The antique argonaut green candlesticks are so bright! The fish shape might be fun to use at a lake house or poolside.

I fell in love with these gorgeous vintage satin blue glass candle sticks. They almost match my kitchen, but I'm sure I could get away with putting these in another room.

This Tiffin King's crown cranberry candlestick is incredibly elegant. This would be a wonderful addition for above the fireplace or as a centerpiece for your dining table.

These actually glow in the dark! It would be so much fun to have this vintage Tiffin glass console set during a Halloween party. That would create an ominous atmosphere.

Speaking of Halloween, these black antique Tiffin candlesticks are another awesome option. Lighting red or black candles will get everyone in the Halloween spirit!

They claim that this is pink, but this retro Tiffin dolphin candlestick looks flesh color to me. I definitely I prefer this over the bright green ones above.

Now your candles can be displayed in a vintage Tiffin candlestick holder all year round. Even though it's clear, it still has a groovy shape!

These Tiffin twilight candlesticks would be fun for Easter! I like how they sit lower than the rest, because that will add more dimension to your candle display!

As you can see, Tiffin candlesticks come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors! I'm most amazed by the color selection. Glow in the dark candlesticks that are made out of glass are hard to find! I wish this brand was still around, but you can easily find Tiffin candlesticks on eBay or Etsy! Which one is your favorite? Tell me below!