Sunday, April 24, 2016

Retro Movie Stars Paper Doll Books by Marilyn Henry

I admit it, I have a fairly large paper doll collection. Cutting out and playing with paper dolls is one of those activities I feel is completely underrated. Oftentimes I find myself looking for new styles, and today I found this Retro Movie Stars Paper Doll Books on Amazon. Speaking of underrated, kids these days don't seem to understand how awesome old films are. The paper dolls are a great way to introduce old school movies to the little ones. Take a look at the actresses the author Marilyn Henry has portrayed.

Let's start off with the Loretta Young Paper Dolls. I love Loretta Young, especially in The Bishop's Wife. Sadly, apparently there are no costumes from that movie for your doll! Even so, there are costumes for Miss Young from the movies Along Came Jones and The Farmer's Daughter. These are all great movies of course.

I am very excited to show you guys this Ginger Rogers Paper Doll Book. I'm very glad that some of the costumes featured in Top Hat and Swing Time are provided in this awesome paper doll book. Not only that, but Marilyn Henry did a fabulous job with Ginger Rogers' facial features. I think it's very accurate!

The best art must be from the Esther Williams Paper Doll Book! This is exceptionally spot on. Of course, America's Mermaid needs to come with a full array of swimwear. The best swimwear does come from the 40's and 50's! The film that comes to mind when thinking about Esther Williams for me is Neptune's Daughter. Not my favorite, but still fairly entertaining.

I have a confession, I really enjoy the film Rebecca. These Joan Fontaine Paper Dolls show how delicate she looks. I remember watching Rebecca and just feeling sorry for Joan Fontaine the whole time. She's trying so hard to please her husband and everyone in the house. Since I wouldn't show any of my kids Rebecca right away, I suppose it gives me an excuse to buy these Joan Fontaine paper dolls for myself!

I don't think I've seen any movies starring Jane Powell, but I can recognize her cute face. I think that you need to have Jane Powell Paper Dolls to play with all the other retro movie ladies. She brings fun and an adorable face to the party!

These Gene Tierney Paper Dolls are lovely. The best part is that there are costumes from her film Laura. Gene Tierney is also one of the most gorgeous actresses from the 40's and 50's, in my opinion. I must get this paper doll book!

No, I won't forget about the famous Marilyn Monroe Paper Dolls. Not only is she a Hollywood legend, she is also in some fantastic films such as Some Like it Hot and the Seven Year Itch. These are some of my favorite classics. Get these and make a Marilyn Monroe movie date with some of her amazing films.

Check out Retro Movie Stars Paper Doll Books on Amazon. Let's show the new generation what good movies and actresses really look like! Tell me what you think down in the comments below.