Sunday, April 24, 2016

Retroburgh's Gorgeous Antique Working Royal Typewriters

There's a shop on Etsy that has three stunning vintage Royal Quiet de Luxe typewriters for sale. They've all been serviced, well cared for, and are still working!

I find the gray Royal Quiet de Luxe a bit boring, but I suppose it's a nice masculine color for the bachelor writer.

I love the vintage shade of pink on this Royal Quiet de Luxe typewriter. It's not Breast Cancer Pink or Dusty Rose or Pepto Bismol Pink. Just soft and pretty!

Teal is my favorite color at the moment, so I'm racing to find a spot in my home for this vintage teal Royal typewriter before someone else snatches the listing away from me! Too bad my desk is already full of desktop computer, laptop and two printers!

How long has it been since you typed on a real manual typewriter? What kind of stories might you tell with one of these?